What is the highest score in the slope game?


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The Slope is a game that’s very popular with kids and adults alike. It has a simple premise: you’re trying to get the ball into the hole with as few shots as possible. But it’s more difficult than it looks! So how do you win this game? And what’s the highest score? We’ll explain all of these questions below.

What is the highest score on a slope?

With the addictive nature of this game and its simple yet challenging gameplay, it is no wonder why many have tried to reach the highest score on Slope. The current record is 843,000,000 points. However, many gamers still believe they can achieve higher scores than that. One of these people is a user named “free”, with a score of 961,600,000 points!

This player has made history in the world of Slope by becoming the first player to earn over 1 billion points!

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It’s important to note that he didn’t get his millionth point until after completing level 2040 – which took him almost 24 hours (2040 minutes) to complete! This means he only needed 76 minutes per level on average if he had been playing continuously since he started playing earlier today at 11:59 am EST (1:59 pm UTC).

How do you win slope ball?

You’ve probably heard of the game Slope Ball or at least seen it played on your favourite social network. It’s a simple game: you have to hit the ball into the hole with your cue stick. But how do you win?

The goal of Slope Ball is to get as many points as possible by hitting balls into holes on a playing table. You can get points for hitting balls in these four colours – blue, green, red and yellow – and they’re worth different amounts depending on their colour (see below). There are also special bonuses that give players extra points if they hit certain balls into their corresponding holes:

How do you get a lot of coins in Slope?

You can get coins by playing the game. When you first start playing, you will receive a certain amount of coins, which can be used to buy new slopes and slopes styles.

You can buy coins with real money. You can also use this method to increase your overall score, which will help you earn more points each time you play.

You can get free coins by watching ads or completing offers/surveys on websites like Slope Game Hack or even Facebook if you are a member of their VIP program. These sites give out free points to all members based on their activity within their platform, so they may offer some extra incentives for users who participate in contests such as those conducted during holidays such as Christmas Day, where they gave away 10 million points!

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How do you slow down in Slope?

The Slope has a variety of ways to slow down, including the arrow keys and the space bar. To use these two methods, hold down the key of your choice as you move your mouse left or right to slow yourself down. You can also use the P and G keys for this purpose; press them once on their own or in combination with another key (such as Space) if you want more control when you stop moving.

Is Slope a good game?

The Slope has a simple premise: you must guide a ball to the bottom of a hill without falling off the edge. There are no enemies, bosses, or collectables—just a clean slate to enjoy yourself.

The gameplay is straightforward enough for anyone to pick up and play. The only thing that gets in your way is gravity itself; if your ball hits the ground or any other obstacle at an angle greater than 45 degrees (the maximum angle), then it will fall off the edge of the level and return to where it started from with one less health point (if you’re using checkpoints). As long as there are no obstacles between where your ball currently is and where it needs to go next, then all you have to do is tilt your phone or tablet left or right until its velocity matches that of what’s below it on screen so that there’s always some contact between them—even if only by centimetres per second!

The highest score on Slope is over 843,000,000. So it’s an impossible game to beat.

You can’t beat the highest score on Slope, and there is no way to know what it is until someone beats it.

The highest score recorded on Slope is over 843,000,000 points. It’s an impossible game to beat. If you play this game long enough and get a lot of points, I can assure you that your neighbours will soon be jealous of how good you are at playing this game.


There are many different kinds of games, but some of them are more popular than others. One is the slope game, which involves rolling a ball down an incline and then getting it into a hole at the end. It sounds simple enough, but in reality, it can be not easy! There is no perfect strategy for winning this game; instead, you must rely on luck and your skill level when playing.

The slope game is so interesting because there are various obstacles and other challenges that will keep things from being too easy for either side involved in the match-up (the two players who go head-to-head). There are also many ways to score points; some are easier than others, so it all depends on your ability level when deciding how much time should be invested before moving on to another task or activity entirely.”

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