Explore 3D Game Engines: Game Developers’ Ultimate Selection

Power Up Your Game Development: Exploring the Top 3D Video Game Engines

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The global video game market will reach $188 billion by 2022. (Grand View Research)

In fact, the video game industry will potentially become a $300 billion industry by 2025. (Variety)

Game development, no doubt, is one of the most fascinating and profiting avenues of businesses worldwide. The integration of immersive technologies, Artificial Intelligence in game development has made video games more enjoyable than ever before.

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In fact, 3D video game engines are offering advanced features to carve out fascinating video gaming experiences. Game developers and gamers are arguing over unity games and unreal engine game development.

Everywhere around the globe, there is running a video game madness.

However, gamers out there demanding more 3D features and immersive experiences in video gameplay have brought challenges front of game developers.

Almost 3.07 billion video game players will be roaring globally by 2023. (Finances Online)

So, whether seasoned game studios or novice game developers, none can avoid what most gamers are demanding.

By and large, some of the best 3D video game engines ensure game developers build premium quality video games at ease.

What are they?

Let’s unlock!

The Best 3D Video Game Engines For Game Developers

Game developers must make the right decisions in choosing the game engine for their video game development project. Unless they decide on the right game engine, the video game will never fetch a crowd and success.

Amid the wide variety of 3D video game engines, choosing the suitable one for your project is daunting. The game engine must make the right call for your business and game development needs. There are, of course, some factors that may lead you to the perfect game engines, like,

  • What kind of game are you trying to make?
  • Who are your targeted audiences?
  • Is your game 2D or 3D?

But, even after digging into these answers, choosing the right engine is not that simple.

So let’s get started. Here are our top picks, the very best game engines 2022.


  • Since 2005, the Unity game engine has become a staple of the indie video game industry.
  • From 2D to 3D game development, Unity serves developers exceptionally.
  • As a matter of fact, Unity has made video game design and development more accessible.
  • Developers can build video games that can run across platforms. So, in terms of the multi-platform game engine, Unity is invincible.
  • The constantly updated features like Unity Reflect and many more like this have leveled up Unity acceptance across multiple industries.
  • So, it means that besides the gaming studios, companies dealing with architectural designs, animation studios, automobile designing companies, Etc. Leverage Unity.
  • This 3D video game enginedoes not fit perfectly only for developing 2D or 3D video games; developers can also create virtual games here. Unity allows game developers to experiment with VR elements to build mesmerizing immersive video games.
  • Developers prefer Unity to build 2D and 3D games, AR/VR games, and games for PC and consoles.
  • In a word, Unity is the all-rounder game engine for developers.

Unreal Game Engine

  • The unreal game engine is among the elite 3D video game engines developed by Epic Games in 1998.
  • The well-documented and easy-to-navigate game engine aids developers in building any video game. One can carve out any Unreal engine game from console to mobile video games.
  • Similar to the Unity engine, the gaming industry can not confine the Unreal engine usage to only game development. Industries like automotive are already leveraging Unreal.
  • Developers consider Unreal Engine 4 one of the most straightforward game engines to build games.
  • This super-efficient 3D video game engine allows developers to create unique gaming experiences.
  • The high-tech features and functions of Unreal allures AAA game developers to indie studios to use the engine.

Amazon Lumberyard 

  • Like the name, Amazon Lumberyard is an Amazon-curated video game engine. It is a powerful, brilliant, and customizable game engine.
  • This 3D video game engine allows developers to integrate Amazon Web Service into their games.
  • Amazon Lumberyard is the most suitable game engine for developing multiplayer video games.
  • Lumberyard comes with a Getting Started Guide video series, highlighting the process of developing game prototypes with this engine for the first time. Hence, it fits a preferable game engine for indie game studios and inexperienced game developers.


  • CryEngine is another cross-platform premium game engine. The latest version of this game engine is CryEngine V.
  • If you are looking for a game engine to build photorealistic 3D first-person games like shooters, CryEngine is the one for you.
  • CryEngine enables game developers and game studios to build life-like characters and visually outstanding graphics for Xbox One, Windows PC, Playstation 4, and even Oculus Rift.
  • Hence, it indicates that this 3D video game engine is ideal for developing virtual 3D immersive video games.
  • Besides high-tech visuals and a range of tools, CryEngine also offers features combining animation with Artificial Intelligence.

Game Maker Studio 2

  • It is the latest version of the Game Maker Studio game engine.
  • Game Maker Studio 2 is a cross-platform game engine, even supporting Nintendo Switch.
  • Developers who don’t have much experience in coding can quickly build games with Game Maker Studio.
  • It is a 3D video game engine. However, it holds limited 3D game development features.
  • Game Maker Studio is primarily suitable for 3D animation studio and game development.


Above all, these 3D video game engines are some of the most commonly used and mostly preferable video game engines around the globe. From small-to big budget games, these game engines can handle all. Although each game engine holds its strengths and weaknesses, they are peerless in video game development.

Ultimately, the ideal 3D game engine for any developer depends on various factors, including project scope, skillset, platform requirements, and budget. While some may gravitate towards the visual splendor of Unreal Engine, others may prefer the accessibility and community support of Unity, or the blockchain integrations offered by engines like Decentraland.

So, what is in your mind? Are you interested in developing Unreal Engine games or prefer to go with CryEngine?

Whatever you choose, best of luck with your game development efforts!

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