The CA officials said that the BCCI’s cooperation was crucial to making the tour a hit. The series gave the financially struggling CA a major boost with an expected revenue of 300 million Australian dollars Cricket Australia on Wednesday saluted the Indian team’s “resilience, courage and skill” during its historicContinue Reading

Leather pouches and wallets made from the spiny plants lend a luxurious feel and help cut plastic pollution A cactus can do a lot more than prick; it can also be your handbag. Worried about the plastic pollution crisis, Mexico-based Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez put on their thinkingContinue Reading

Ceremonies spearheaded by Mr. Biden and Kamala Harris marked the federal government’s first official nod to the staggering death toll from the pandemic. President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday led a national memorial observance on the eve of his inauguration to honour the 400,000 Americans who have perished from COVID-19 duringContinue Reading

BRISBANE: Ravi Shastri claims to be anything but an emotional person. As a 22-year-old captain of the India U-25 team back in 1984, he had stopped the team manager from telling rookie Mohammed Azharuddin about his grandfather’s ill health to ensure that the player, who was on the verge ofContinue Reading

A good few years ago, the Indian subcontinent was known to be the treasure chest of the world. The mineral-rich lands that yielded the finest of stones attracted many accomplished designers and craftspeople. Indian royal families have been royally flaunting their massive wealth through their breathtaking forts, palaces and jewellery.Continue Reading