Importance of Duck Duck Go in detail


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Duck Duck Go is one of the popular private search engine unlike google and other main stream search engine this particular engine is of no personalized search results and it makes harder to get and information with chamber. This particular search engine uses very similar to google search and also it has its own application and extension for all the major operating systems under internet browsers. Duck Duck Go is one of the striped down search engine which will not offer many additional features but instead it focuses only on the main function provided with quality and private search experience. The search engine can be used in both the mobile browser and the desktop.


Is Duck Duck Go server is safe to use?

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Duck Duck Go is not a VPN but just it will not track you in the same way as Google search engine desk if you want to browse the internet safely you can combined Duck Duck Go with VPN which will rap your traffic in encryption and it will protect your IP address. Duck Duck Go is saved and it offers multiple options and privacy for the mainstream browsers. It is one of the popular search engine which will collect all your user data and it will track your search history unlike Google you can look for online with your IP address which will bombarded your personalized advertisements.


Is there any virus issues in Duck Duck Go?

Duck Duck Go is one of the relatively safe search engine and this can be used without compromising your security Duck Duck Go is one of the susceptible to the viruses’ online threats and malware. This product is very safe to use and it is completely better than Google it will not keep your browsing activity private but your internet service provider still be able to monitor your internet traffic. Duck Duck Go has to monetize the operation somehow and it is still used to the advertisements which are based on the keywords. In Duck Duck Go search page this may reflect the service which can affiliate the codes and it can earn the commission when the user buys a product after searching through Duck Duck Go with the help of their advertising content.


Advantages of Duck Duck Go 


Improved privacy


Privacy is one of the search engine and it is the main selling point where the Duck Duck Go cannot store your data or it cannot track your habits and search history. It can transfer your information to the third party which is used for marketing purposes.


Multiple additional features


It is one of the service that will offer multiple handy additional benefits such as it is readily available for the data and extra features for the developers and it is also visible for the social media and loan calculators and many more. These are the multiple additional features that are added with Duck Duck Go website.


This product avoids targeting that is where you are in the world whatever demo graphic you belong to you will receive the same results it is one of the process where you cannot target or profile your search results.


It is completely simple and easy to use and also it is one of the user friendly product were all category of people can use this search engine.


Disadvantages of Duck Duck Go


There are some disadvantages that are faced by Duck Duck Go search engine some of the demerits are

  • Less services are provided since it does not offer many services as Google and other search engines provide.
  • It is not convenient as other search engines which have the same market share app Google so you cannot synchronized multiple accounts and services with it.
  • No personalization or auto suggestions can be done in this product the additional features are only possible for Google due to their tracking practices.


Duck Duck Go will give you privacy on the search engine level and it will not protect you from other online threats. Individual website or social media platform will be able to track your data and also it will collect your data when cyber criminals are targeting you in the social engineering attacks. With the help of Duck Duck Go search engine you can also protect your internet traffic which remains and encrypted then someone can intercept it that is you can see your IP on your traffic and intercept your private information. 

If you choose your default search engine your internet service provider can search what you are doing and it can chat the data with the third party. This is one of the secured data in which you can watch your activity from a far and also you can protect from stealing your personal information success. Security can be enhanced when you use good VPN services. With the help of Nord VPN your online traffic is encrypted and it will leave your device which will hide your IP address in which no one can use to find your location. Combining Duck Duck Go with Nord VPN provides a genuine secure and private browsing experience. Nord VPN threat protection feature will help to identify Malware written files and also eatable stop you from landing with my Duck Duck Go website and also it will block the trackers and intrusive advertisement on the spot.


Duck Duck Go browser which provides an increased state surveillance and countless security are provided in the wide spread concern which is very much useful for data sharing and it completely protects user privacy. Duck Duck Go that completely describe itself the search engine and it does not track you it promises not to use the cookies and also it follows to the users says that it does not collect any personal information on those who use it and every IP addresses are hidden and it is protected from the search history. It is one of the excellent search engine which has been used worldwide and it is one of the popular search engine in the world it is one of the private search engine in which you cannot track your search history. This Duck Duck Go search engine is completely focused on security and you can use this product in your browser or even in your mobile application it is built with multiple features mainly explains its privacy policies.

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