[ad_1] Veteran actor Shashikala, best known for her supporting roles in 1960s-70s films like Aarti, Gumrah and Chhote Sarkar, passed away on Sunday at the age of 88. Ashoke Pandit, filmmaker and president of the Indian Film & Television Directors’ Association, and B.N. Tiwari, president of the Federation of WesternContinue Reading

[ad_1] The celebrated pianist, who just turned 80, was writing jazz compositions using Carnatic scales four decades ago What could possibly be the sound of a musician who has been playing for over five decades and carries the mantle of ‘godfather of jazz in India’? “It is the sound ofContinue Reading

[ad_1] The Pandemic drew curtains on the performing space and took away livelihoods of the artistic community. But there were others who started support initiatives The year 2020 had just begun. We had celebrated the turn of the decade with new resolve, revised wish lists and travel plans. Religious fairsContinue Reading