Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and filmmaker R Balki on Monday shot for an advertisement campaign regarding the “post lockdown responsibilities” at Kamalistan studio while taking necessary precautions. Balki said the advertisement was for the health ministry and the team took all the necessary precautions, including wearing masks and working withContinue Reading

It is half past eleven in the night. My three-year-old daughter has just fallen asleep, after relentless persuasion and threats. I heave a sigh of relief and slowly snuggle up to my wife, and we… open the Amazon Prime application on the mobile phone. As the night wears on, weContinue Reading

Soothing, earthy shades wrapping violent expressions with figures often lost in wild abandon; sometimes bovine, at others, amorphous: AV Ilango’s repertoire is distinct. Easily recognisable, the veteran artist’s canvases have often struck me as spontaneous bursts of emotions. Reflections, an exhibition that is currently underway at Chennai’s Forum Art Gallery,Continue Reading