Election 2021 Latest Update: Tamil Nadu, Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, & Puducherry Results Will Be Out On 29th April 2021


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Election 2021 Latest Update: Voting for over 750 electorates spread crosswise in four states, and one UT finished on 06th April 2021. Voting took place on Tuesday (06th April 2021) in one UT and three states, 82.29 percent in Assam, 65.11 percent in Tamil Nadu, 70.04 percent in Kerala 77.68 percent in Puducherry. India’s Election Commission has banned any exit poll holding and making it public till 7.30 pm on 29th April 2021. As per sources, the election result will be declared on 29th April 2021.


The ECI has stated that issuing or circulating exit polls via print or e-media or any other means will be banned until the end of the West Bengal elections. Mainly, West Bengal is polling in eight-phase polls. Though the third phase of polling took place today, the final voting phase will be conducted on 29th April. On 06th April 2021, WB finished its third and most violence-affected round of eight stages with a total of 77.6% across 31 seats. As per an official, the votes will be counted on 02nd May 2021.

Polling – 81.64% Recorded in Puducherry UT), 74% Recorded in Kerala, and 82% Recorded in Assam: 

In TM (Tamil Nadu), 3,998 applicants are in the fight for nearly 234 seats. Voting is being held for 140 seats in Kerala, while 957 applicants are in the fight, and in Assam, a total of 946 applicants are fighting for the 126-member Assam Legislative Assembly seat. There are 324 applicants in the battle for these 30 seats in Puducherry. In West Bengal, voting was conducted in eight phases for 294 member assemblies. Out of 10.04 lakh electors in Puducherry on 06th April 2021, 81.64 percent applied their franchise for the 30 assembly seats of the UT (Union Territory).

As per sources, Yanam recorded the maximum turnout of 91.27 percent, and the Mahe region reported the lowest polling at 73.53 percent. The polling was non-violent. Kerala recorded 74.02 percent polling, even with slight clashes and serious polling allegations from some places. Voting was conducted for 140 assembly electorates in Kerala at 40,771 polling stations in the state. The Kozhikode district reported a maximum turnout of 77.9 percent. On the other hand, the Pathanamthitta district reported a minimum turnout of 68.09 percent.

Assam (third phase) reported the highest maximum turnout of 82.15 percent in the early morning, according to data shared on the Election Commission’s Voter Turnout software. Voting concluded peacefully in 1,53,538 polling stations spread over 475 Assembly constituencies in the third phase of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry and Assam, and West Bengal.

Four VVPAT Machines and EVMs Were Found at TMC Leader Goutam Ghosh’s House:

In West Bengal, India’s Election Commission suspended a district officer after four VVPAT machines and three EVMs were found at Goutam Ghosh’s home (TMC leader). In the meantime, the TMC has blamed BJP staff for harming party leader Sujata Mondal near a voting booth and advised the Election Commission to identify the issue. The West Bengal’s election officer was suspended after he appealed to have slept overnight at the Trinamool Congress leader’s house with an electronic voting machine (EVM).

The electronic voting machine and VVPAT will not be accessed in the voting booth, the election commission said at the conference. The deputed officer (Tapan Sarkar) of Uluberia North was found with an electronic voting machine (EVM). Officials said that charges for a more significant sentence will now be levied against the officer. He said that action would be taken against the police officers associated with him.

Election 2021 Live Update: 07th April 2021

  • According to the report of the news agency, there was a clash between the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Kerala’s Kattaikonam region on 06th April 2021 (Tuesday) afternoon.
  • The Kerala assembly elections will mark a milestone in the state’s political history, Union Minister V Muralitharan said after casting his vote at the Kottaram polling station in Ullore on Tuesday (06th April 2021).
  • As per the Election Commission (EC) of Tamil Nadu, the state assembly elections saw a turnout of 62.42 percent till 5.30 pm.
  • On Tuesday (06th April 2021), the Law Minister of Kerala (AK Balan) filed a case with the Election Commission (EC) against Ramesh Chennithala (Leader of the Opposition) and Nair Service Society chief G Sukumaran Nair for “exploiting the customs and names of Gods in an unparalleled manner” on voting day.
  • Wearing a mask and PPE suit, DMK MP Kanimozhi, who recorded positive for Covid-19 a few days ago, arrived at the polling station in Mylapore to cast her vote.
  • Karti Chidambaram (Congress leader), along with his wife and daughter, cast their vote at a voting station in Tiruppathur, Sivaganga district in Tamil Nadu.
  • Prime Minister of India (Narendra Modi) asked his doctors to help a lady who encountered various problems because of dehydration at a polling rally in Cooch Behar, West Bengal.
  • Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM (Lok Sabha MP) will fight for seven seats in the West Bengal assembly elections. These main seats are Ratua, Jalangi, Ithar, Bharatpur, Sagardighi, Malatipur, and Asansol Uttar.
  • Claiming that a BJP wave in West Bengal and his party would make the upcoming government, Narendra Modi said Banerjee’s angry response shows that she has lost the election.
  • The mystical leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and Isha Foundation founder stated on Tuesday (06th April 2021) that no party comes to power; he will operate with them to liberate Tamil Nadu temples from state control over the upcoming five years.
  • The AIMIM has retrieved Alsokuat Jaman from Jalangi, Sayeedur Rahman from Ratua, Mofakkerul Islam from Ithar, Sajjad Hossain Bharatpur, Nure Mahabub Alam from Sagardighi, Maulana Motiur Rahman from Malatipur, and Danish Aziz from Asansol Uttar.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that Didi said that every Muslim should unite and not let their polls be separated in a rally. Didi means you understand that the Muslim poll bank, which you consider your power, is also going away from you


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