Why did Rebecca leave in Outer Range episode 5?


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Rebecca left the Outer Range in episode 5. I can’t tell you how much I love this show, but it’s not perfect. In particular, the character of Rebecca is so underdeveloped that, at times, she seems like a caricature rather than a human being with her motivations. So why did Rebecca leave? Why was she gone from episode 5? By the end of that episode in season 2 of Outer Range, it looked like she would be staying with John and company at least for a while longer. However, after they all returned to the ranch house where they were planning their next move together (which involved more than just creating more robots), Rebecca left suddenly without explanation! When asked if he knew anything about what happened to her son before he died (and therefore what might happen now), John simply stated, “I don’t know.” Well…okay then!

Outer range recap: episode 5 recap and review

Outer Range episode 5 opens with the scene of a man sitting in a car, watching Rebecca leave and then following her. The man is named Ben, and John has hired him to follow Rebecca around. He gets out of his car to confront Rebecca, but instead, he confronts another woman who looks exactly like Rebecca but isn’t her. She tells him that she knows where her sister is going and starts running away when Ben tries to stop her.

Ben follows this girl while pulling out his phone and calling John for help, but before they can talk further about what happened, another person appears behind Ben! This time it seems like two people look like Rebecca at first glance, and both seem to be chasing after Ben until one of them knocks him unconscious with something heavy (a rock?).

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Why did Rebecca leave in Outer Range episode 5?

In the Outer Range episode 5, Rebecca leaves the family because she doesn’t want to be a burden on them. After her husband dies and she loses her job, Rebecca feels like a burden on her family. However, she knows that if she stays with them, it will only be harder for them to get by without another paycheck coming in.

She also left because she didn’t want her family to see what happened to her when she was in the camp. She was worried that if they knew about it, they would worry about her being safe and being taken away from them again.

Rebecca is gone in episode 5

In Outer Range episode 5, Rebecca is gone.

The episode starts with a flashback of when she was a child living in Texas with her aunt and uncle. The family has received a letter from the government asking them to prove that they are Rebecca’s parents. If they fail to do so, then she will not be allowed back into their home. The family decides not to send proof because they love Rebecca too much and want her there more than anything else. However, this decision only helps them save face but does nothing when it comes to protecting her rights as an American citizen later on in life when she goes off on her adventure through America at age 18

Rebecca leaves after the issue with her birth certificate was discovered.

Rebecca was afraid of being caught and putting her new family in danger. However, she knew that if she stayed, she would be a burden on them and possibly get them into trouble because of her identity as a runaway slave.

She also didn’t want to stay with her new family because it would cause them too much worry if they knew about the situation she had been living in before she met them.

What happened to Rebecca at the end of Outer Range episode 5?

As the episode ends, we see Rebecca on her way out of town and on her way to find her family. She doesn’t know where or how they’re doing, but she’s determined to find them.

The first season of Outer Range is now on Netflix in the US, UK, and Canada. All episodes will be released on Friday, 9 October 2019, at 8 am UTC/8 pm AEST (or 2 pm PT/11 pm ET) with an encore screening at 9 am UTC/6 pm AEST (or 3 am PT/2 am ET). You can check out our guide for more information about episode 5 as it’s released!

Rebecca should live with her own family in this new world she created.

The next thing Rebecca needs to do is live with her own family in this new world she created. She should be with her child, and she should be with her husband. She should also be with her father and mother. It would benefit her and everyone else if she lived in this world and made it better for everyone there.


To conclude, Rebecca has left the Outer Range episode 5 and will be living with her own family. She doesn’t want to be part of the new world she created because she feels disconnected from it. She has been through so much already, with her husband dying in front of her while they were trying to get away from the virus outbreak; this is why we think she should live with her own family instead of staying here at the ranch house with everyone else who are now trying to rebuild their lives after being trapped inside the quarantine zone for so long.

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