how can i apply for lost voter id card in nearest police station?


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Can I get a copy of my lost voter ID card in police station?

Section: Yes you can. You need to visit the nearest police station and submit your application in writing with all required documents.

Section: What are the documents needed for police station?

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Section: What if I don’t have any document or proof of residence but still want to apply for a duplicate Voter ID Card at a Police Station?

Takeaway: If you don’t have any proof of residence, then the Election Commission will issue you an ‘official letter’ from them saying that they’ve no record of your identity. This letter will be useful for establishing your identity when applying for new documents such as PAN card, passport etc.


What is a Voter ID Card?

A voter identity card is an identification card issued to citizens of India who have registered themselves as voters. The Election Commission of India issues this photo identity card after receiving the application from the concerned person and conducting verification. This document serves as proof of identity while voting in elections and also allows one to use it as an official photo identification document. Why do you need Voter ID Card?

What are the documents required to apply for a voter id card?

You can get your voter id card by providing:

  • Your Name and Address Proof (Address must match on Aadhaar Card)
  • Your Photo, Signature, Date of Birth & Gender Proof
  • Your Educational Qualification Certificate (If applicable)


To apply for a lost voter ID card, you need to submit a Form 6 at the nearest police station. You will be issued a token and an appointment, at which time you must bring all of the documents that you submitted with your form. If your application is successful, you will be issued a new voter ID card through which you can vote in the next election.

The cost of applying for lost voter ID card depends on whether or not your address has changed since last year’s election (expenses are shown below):

  • If nothing has changed from last year: $10 fee per person
  • If something has changed from last year: $15 fee per person


In order to apply for a duplicate voter ID card, you will require the following documents:

  • Voter ID Card
  • Address Proof
  • Photo Id Proof (like Passport, Driving License, College ID or any other government issued id card)


  • You can find the application form at your nearest police station. You can also download an application form online and print it out, or you can fill out a downloadable PDF with your computer’s word processor program.
  • Fill in the information required on the form: name, address, contact number etc., as well as other details specific to what you are applying for (lost voter ID card or duplicate).
  • Write “Application for Duplicate Voter Card” at the top of your letterhead with all capital letters in black ink so that it stands out from other words on the page; this will make it easier for officers at many police stations not having direct access to printers but need only write their desired text by hand before submitting their applications through postal service providers like DHL Express Nigeria Ltd., Federal Express Nigeria Ltd., United Parcel Service Nigeria Ltd., etc.. These are private companies whose sole purpose is delivery services within Africa’s largest economy where many citizens still struggle financially even though its economy continues growing each year at an average rate exceeding 5% annually since 1994–a remarkable feat considering that 2016 saw one of its worst droughts ever recorded since independence from British rule back in 1960s!

You apply for the replacement of voter ID card in the nearest police station.

You apply for the replacement of voter ID card in the nearest police station.

You have to produce proof of identity and address. If you are applying for a duplicate Voter ID Card because your original Voter ID Card got lost or damaged, then you must submit your old Voter ID Card along with this application form.

If you do not have either of these documents then you will be given a Provisional Certificate which can be used as an Identity Proof by the Election Commission, until they issue a new one to you.

Your name should be included in electoral roll: You should be 18 years of age at the time of applying

You will get new voter Id card within 25-30 days


You can apply for a duplicate voter ID card by filling up the application form and submitting it to the concerned authority. You will also need to submit supporting documents such as a copy of your proof of residence, photographs, etc. You can check out the official website of the Election Commission of India for more details on how to apply for a duplicate Voter ID card online or offline.

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