Tik Tok Founder enters world’s richest people


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There are many Social media platforms people used to expose their talents to the world. In such type there is a famous platform which is used by all age group people. That Famous social media platform is “TIK TOK”, in which most of the people show their talents trough that application. The founder of this application is ByteDance, the eight year old Chinese boy and “Zhang Yiming” is the founder of the company from China.

This application is used for the process of making short videos from 15 seconds to 1 minute. In the year 2016, Bytedance launched a service which is similar to Tik Tok that is called “Douyin” in China. This application especially reached Millions of people in China and Thailand. In the year 2018, another app was brought which was called as “Musical.ly”. So this is how, the app began to trend among the people in the world .

The Fastest Growing Social Media Application

                          The app allows the users to make performance of songs and dialogues through which they could lip sync and make entertaining videos for fun. The videos made through this app can be shared in other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube etc., This app especially made some persons famous from their performances which made them recognize them easily.  This app can be used in the mobile phones and Tablets. An option which is directly made to create videos on your phone. The users of this app can make variety of videos and make challenges like Dance, Makeup, Magic tricks etc,.

The main factor of this app is to entertain people and help them to develop their skills through making creative videos. This app has made some persons become a celebrity through a single video, which means it reaches the whole world. The most popular country which has downloaded this application was US over 80 million times. Even the celebrity not from TIK TOK app has used this app as their platforms to entertain people. This app has a strong focus which often runs challenges and contest to trend videos through “Hashtags”. Some challenges became popular which carried out throughout the world. It helps the persons gain their fame and followers which leads to create thousands of videos from each county.

The simple thing is to record a video of their daily routine work and post it regularly. There may be a chance of losing followers because of posting some bad content. The negative side of this app is, some people even get addicted to this application for some kind of challenges and that would become worst. Some videos take time and effort to create due to creativity will get high reach to the people. This app does not allow any kind of ads and space for them. This app is a mix of music, videos, lip sync and making short term videos. For some this is not as easy platform.

World’s Richest peoples list

The founder of TIK TOK enters into list of world’s richest persons. The 38 year old Zhang Yiming, the founder of TikTok is among the world’s richest people list. In some aspects Beijing has lost its tech business where India has blacklisted some of the social media apps from the platforms. It’s beyond the business into its core advertising such as online gaming and e-commerce. “The founder is not easily compromised by short term videos and wanted to improve it as long term one, said by the Synaptuc ventures firm of venture capital partner Ma Rui. A person with the knowledge said that the ByteDance has reached a 180 billion dollar valuation. Some investors were recently asking the equivalent shares of the company which were about 350 billion dollars.

Even though it is a tough time for the wealthy Chinese government to rein the country’s billionaire founders. The central bank fined a record of Alibaba of some 2.8 billion dollars after opening an antitrust probe that regulates. ByteDance is out of a target in its social media and war chest which are sensitive areas of government which is being looking on it. Zhang is the only son of cevil servant born in southern Chinese city of Longyan. He has put more effort in growing Chinese business which can be a gaming education to e-commerce which helped the founder to earn and took him to the place of richest people in the whole world.

This founder is mainly known for his business “philosophy of Delaying satisfaction” , as he focus on the growth of long terms. The teenagers can particularly be popular on group chat function also with young adults.  In India, the app was banned because the administrations become on fire to hold its updates from introducing the group chats. The Trump’s administration plans an operation to Proactive step from “The White House”. This administration has a fact to ban the app’s use which has been raced back to service in Unites states. It is currently on the launch of group chats features said by the sources.

The group chat service is going to be encrypted which is being launched in United state, but need to deal with dangers which would expand into the social messaging .The people with knowledge told that the Chinese owned app in more different rivals such as Facebook , Instagram, etc,.

This feature was included in the year 2019 which was the part of Chinese version. It also expanded the live streaming and e-commerce offerings that would enable the influencers to get easily connect with their fans. They had discussions that last year that app came with a new feature would helpful for the people using and would it become trend? But unfortunately some of the countries banned this app could not able to reach its features and specifications. Even though the people in china made use of it and became very famous through those social media platforms.

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