Pacman 30th Anniversary: Know the interesting facts

How to play Pacman in your Google browser on its 30th anniversary?


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Pacman 30th Anniversary: Know the interesting facts

It is regardless of how doodle games have become quite popular these days. Whenever we talk about the doodle games, Pacman is well-known for its gameplay. It is one of the most exciting and instantly recognizable games ever released that has dramatically impacted video games.

It is one of the most exciting gameplays available in the market that seems to reimagine the iconic video games from the 1980s. Colorful graphics, engaging sound effects, and much more make it a perfect option to play on.

Google is currently celebrating the Pacman 30th Anniversary, and that is something quite enough to describe its reliability and success.

History of Pacman

Pacman is one of the most exciting and iconic gameplays available on the market that takes you on the tour of an exciting world where a yellow ball keeps on running away from the ghosts and eating up the different things coming on the way.

It is a beautiful creation by Toru Iwatani.

Being fond of video games a lot. Toru created this excellent gameplay when the market was already willed with a wide range of violent video games killing up aliens. Toru already had industry experience as he was previously working for Namco. Adding up different details in the new game and describing arcades as globby places where boys only can hang out, he then set up a platform mainly to fight the stereotype that women and couples can also enjoy playing games together.

Pacman: All About

Every new idea comes up at once. The main character’s design came into existence while staring at a Pizza. The pizza he was gazing at was missing two slices, resembling the mouth of Iwatani.

The same lightens up a quick idea in Iwatani’s mind, further leading him to create a character known as “Pakkuman.” The term means the sound made by our mouth when it is opened widely for exciting things and closed quickly.

It is a brilliant idea for a character who succeeded in becoming an inspiration for different such ideas and got successful later on. The game is still quite famous among the people. And that’s why the same is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Rather than just fighting off for the pizza slice, Pacman runs away from the four ghosts. The character is not an intimidating adversary, and the gameplay invokes a real fear of being caught off guard and losing a life to the guys out there.

The secret move of the Pacman is its wide mouth. The character includes only a single weapon in the arsenal. It is strategic gameplay where the players have to chew their way towards victory. The interface of the gameplay is quite exciting and engaging. Packman must chase pills, fruits, and power pellets to acquire them.

How do the Pacman work?

Pacman came into existence as an arcade game, which is why it requires a joystick or keyboard arrows on a PC to play. The gameplay is quite exciting and interactive. Your main aim of the game is to move the Pacnman’s character around the screen, and you have to consume the 240 dots given there.

Gamers here have to add on the different inputs for changing the direction of the Pacman and move it as per their expectations. It would help if you remembered that the Pacman here is perpetually in motion and will keep doing so until you reach your goal.

The Pacman game includes four different ghosts known as Blinky, which is in red, Pinky in pink color, Inky in light blue color, and Clyde in orange color. Being a Pacman player, you might be well aware of these ghosts. The game features a design where all of these four ghosts keep on chasing the main character. Each of these ghosts has its attack strategies, which makes the gameplay much more enjoyable.

All of the ghosts here feature three different modes: Chase, Scatter, and Frightened. It is hard to tell at the moment which strategy the particular spirit is using as all of the attacks are sudden and can take you out of the game anytime.

The Pacman 30th anniversary full screen is the perfect timing. You can study the different traits of each of these ghosts and revisit the same without any issues.

How to play Pacman in your Google browser on its 30th anniversary?

The 30th anniversary of the Pacman game has brought up freshness to the gaming platform. It is a perfect way to celebrate the success of this captivating gameplay. The involvement of the PAC-MAN Doodle feature has created a buzz in the marketplace. The gameplay is quite simple and easy to go and requires only a few clicks.

  • Launch your Google Chrome browser and search for the Pacman in the search bar.
  • Once done, you will get the complete view of the Google Doodle here.
  • Please tap on the Play button, and once you do it, beginner-level Pacman Doodle will flash out on your home screen.
  • This level is added up there by Google to show off how hard it has taken up to create the perfect doodle.
  • Games here can also use similar steps for playing up the game on their smartphone. If you are playing this game on your desktop, you can use the arrow keys to control the character perfectly.

Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman Doodle has landed one of the most popular games in the history of Pacman this year. The game is about collecting points and keeping yourself safe from the monsters. Gamers here have to navigate a maze while editing pac-dots. The motive of the development of the game was to achieve high scores only, but its online presence has forced gamers to change the leaderboards and competitors quite quickly. It is a straightforward two-person game where the participants attempt to consume all the dots on the screen before their opponents. You have to be there till the end to win the winner’s trophy here.


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