Google facial recognition let the Canadian lady share sensual video content with her mom


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Last week, a lady living in Canada shared a video with her mother through google photos. Here, google photos marked her photos as sensual ones at the end the same time it also notified her mother. This lady shared a picture of her son at that moment.

 Google photos for all files

If you have a smartphone with less storage, then you will move to additional memory devices to solve it. Sometimes, it may give you a temporary solution to overcome it, but not for a long time. In this case, google photos will satisfy your all need free of cost. If you are using Google, you will also familiar with its products like Google Maps, google earth, google translate, google play, google pixel, and likewise 265 more approved products in its queue. Google photos are one among them and it will allow you to upload and share files such as audio, video, images, text pads and, other file extensions in various formats.

Google facial recognition on google photos

You may wonder about google facial recognition, by using its features. Google supports facial recognition options on its user photos at any time. In general, facial recognition will help to identify the particular person in real life, but in google, it will get access from its users to identify their photos. The process of giving access to google will be always easy. Whenever if you are uploading or sharing some files with someone, google will get detailed information about that file and let your file into the facial recognition process. With the help of information about those files, google will use some labels to arrange it. Later, when you search for a file that was already arranged, then google photos will provide instant details about the file to you and shared it with people. It means for every update, your shared file will also be updated at the same time.

In simple words, you can monitor and find the needed photos and send them to anyone with the help of google facial recognition features.  

The real-time incident happened to Canadian women

To prove this feature, in Canada, a lady shared sensual video content with her mother and both of them got a notification like” R-related video format shared”. That lady shared a picture of her son, but facial recognition marked it as sensual content in its file storage. While seeing those pictures, there was nothing wrong with that picture, but google photos identified it as an R-related file. Kara tonin, who is the mother of that child, said I made that video to show our connection, but google finds it out as sensual content.

Tonin further said google is arranging all picture files by recognizing the people’s faces. Whenever if you are looking for a picture that is in google photos, will be given in the form of a recognized picture to you and your shared people. The fact is technology is grooming nowadays, even if you ask me I will say, now it is more than that. Google photos will not end its features by recognizing the people’s faces, whenever if she shared some file, it will be noted and updates will be applied to her mother too.

Honestly, that lady decided to make a video with the son to explain their connection but unexpectedly found it as something sensual. Google took a little part of her son’s picture and processed it into another level.

At present, whenever if she is uploading some file and make it as tik tok or any other video, then google will monitor and send the same updates to her mother. It shows, facial recognition has to play a major role in google photos to make it the best platform, karatonin said. In the current world, facial recognition not only working on google kind of high-quality platforms, but it will also help in major areas such as:

Helps to provide security

In the united states, the Custom and border protection department is ready to launch facial recognition technology to identify the passenger who is using airplanes as transportation. While implementing this technology, no one will escape from the government by hiding their identity. So, people with real proof will pass this examination under security control.

Facial recognition will never do mistakes

By using computer systems, you can store the list of files and whenever required, you can get it back, but for images and video files it won’t work properly or it may take some time to process it. In facial recognition, you will get instant results at any time on your hand.  

Improves the banking security

We all familiar with transferring money through the secured network to someone. To do this, you have to enter a password and later you will get or send money according to your wish. Usually, passwords are just single-way protection to your bank account. It may give some security threats if someone tries to access your account. With the use of advanced face-recognizing censors, your entire detail will be safe and no one cracks it without your help.

Helps to purchase products faster

Some of the show owners thinking about a different way of payment method when someone purchasing their product. Scanning their customer’s faces will reduce the amount of time to process their calculation on every product.

Giving supports to the attendance system

Leave it about writing the attendance details of your worker or student on paper. Facial recognition or finger sensors help to make all attendance activities easy at any time.

Self-driving also possible

With the help of implementing facial recognition, you will get driving experience on another level. This technology has already been tested and implemented in few countries for a better driving view.

Special instructions on google photos

Google’s facial recognition is always simple and smart when compared to other facial recognition techniques. In which, you don’t need to worry about the file that you are going to share, but later you can retrieve entire details, even after years. Unknowingly, tonin tested and shared one of the google features at the end.


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