Latest updates on Russian Ukraine news

Russian diplomats depart to Bulgaria


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Latest updates on Russian Ukraine news


Here in the session let us discuss the recent Ukraine Russian war, and let us discuss some of the recent updates regarding Ukraine Russian news.

Ukraine consumes Russia captured Eastern City

After heavy fighting for lysychansk the defence forces of Ukraine by forced to withdraw the occupied positions and the lines says the army general staff. Earlier Russia’s Defence Minister informed his forces to capture listen take full control of the region. Ukraine news troops were outgunned in that question and the general staff in formed to preserve the lives of Ukrainian defenders and the decision was made to withdraw troops the Russians had multiple advantage in artillery, aircraft, manpower and other forces.

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President Zelensky pledged the Ukrainian forces that they would return to chance to their tactics in order to increase the supply of modern weapons. Earlier the head of Russia news published the video apparently showing that Chechen fighters in the centre of lysychansk. Further the best of Ukrainian held city of lysychansk came under heavy shelling with at least six people killed in that war it is in Donetsk region which luhansk forms the industrial Donbas.

Who controls Ukraine?

Ukraine fired several missiles at military targets inside Belarus claims its president Alexander and according to Ukrainian separatist the city of listen chance in the Eastern luhansk region has been completely encircled.

Ukraine leader says the force to return luhansk chance

President has acknowledged that Russia Ukrainian forces had with Drone from the less chance but pledged restore the control over the city and it is all because of military tactics with improved weapons. They have been battling for number of weeks it has become their main to take this area after they released that they were not going to sleep through Kyiv and it will take the early stages of the war. So they have been diverted to form a great deal of resources downward towards the Donbas region including the city says the military forces.

But there would not be a problem for them because they have concentrates so many resources to fight Donbas that they have weekend their forces elsewhere. The Ukrainian may since that there is an opportunity to strike back at the Russian where they are weakest.

Russian diplomats depart to Bulgaria

Two off the Russian aircraft Departed Bulgaria on the Sunday with scores of Russian diplomatic staff and their families amid a mass expulsion which has same tension soaring between the historical close nations which was conveyed by Russian diplomat. High ranking Russian diplomat informed the journalist at the airport in Bulgaria the capital of Sofia before the flight left which has among 70 Russian diplomatic staff declared that previous week and informed to move out of the city by Sunday.

Germany supports to Ukraine

Germany is one of the country that provides military aid to war Ukraine the chancellor scholz is called has said while defending his countries delays in delivery weapons to Kyiv. The long delay of German weapons has compared to the speedy deliveries of US arms are due to the need to train Ukrainian soldiers in Germany which was told to CBS news on the talk show face of the nation.

Australia to supply Ukraine with armoured vehicles

Australia will provide Ukraine with the 34 additional armoured vehicles and prohibit the import of Russian gold import which conveys the reporters. Speaking at a news conference Kyiv along side with President Zelensky the Prime Minister Albanese informed Australia also to impose sanctions and travel ban on 16 more Russian Ministries thus the total number of Russian individuals sanctioned by Canberra to 843. Albanese informed Australia would give you crane 14 more armoured personal carriers and 20 vehicles.

Ukraine thanks us for Missile system

Ukrainian Defence Minister has expressed his thanks to US President Joe Biden and the Defence Secretary for the latest military aid package.

Best blocking piece with Ukraine

Moscow has accused the Western Nation of preventing piece negotiation with Ukraine and thus dragging out the war informs the Ukraine news. Now it is the moment when Western countries are betting everything on a continuation of the war does Kremlin box person informed the state television the German News Agency DPA reported. Under the leadership of United States the west was not allowing Ukrainian to think about peace in the world.

Australian Prime Minister visit Irpin

Australian Prime Minister visited Irpin on Sunday saying that it was devasting to see residential building destroyed from the result of shilling it is a war crime. And here we have what clearly residential building is another just behind it and it should be stopped as soon as possible. Some of the Ukraine missiles have hit residential area and it is informed that we are trying to piece together exactly what happened through social media reports cannot be confirmed. Naturally what appears is that somewhere around 25 missiles were fired towards the airport which is Russia based in Belgorod. It appears that sum of those missile may have hit residential area which is certainly what the media has mean in formed. This of course comes on the back of Russian attack last week which hits a Shopping Centre on Friday in that 21 people were killed and the Ukrainians were accusing the Russians of deliberately targeting residential areas. Ukrainian president has called for international aid to help rebuild his devastated country once the war is over surrounding rare hopeful note after 4 months of brutal conflict. It is necessary not only to repair have everything that occupies destroyed but also to create a new foundation of our lives save modern comfortable accessible place.

Russia accused Ukraine deliberately targeting civilians with a missiles Strike from Ukraine Northern border the local Governor informed 4 people has been killed and Russian Defence Minister in formed three Ukrainian missiles has been shot down. Ukraine Ambassador to Turkey in formed local customs officials had seized the Russian cargo ship carrying Ukrainian grain.

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