Where did Reddit NBA streams go?

Reddit NBA streams were a way to watch live sports online


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Where did Reddit NBA streams go?

Reddit’s administrators have taken down the popular subreddit /r/NBAstreams after being accused of enabling piracy. Unfortunately, it’s not the only subreddit that’s gone either; you can find several other NBA streaming subreddits that have also disappeared from the platform recently.

Reddit NBA streams are no more.

You’ll notice that the subreddit is now empty. It was taken down in an anti-piracy effort, and although it’s still possible to find some NBA streams on Reddit, they’re few and far between.

This sad day for sports fans, as Reddit NBA streams were one of the few reliable sources of live sports online. What’s even more disheartening is that this endangered species isn’t alone: other subreddits dedicated to living streaming games have been similarly forced offline by anti-piracy efforts.

The subreddit was taken down in an anti-piracy effort.

As sad as it may be to lose this community, Reddit is trying to send a message: piracy is not okay. Of course, we all know that streaming copyrighted content on sites like Reddit NBA Streams is illegal and that you could get in trouble if you do it. But many people don’t realize that even watching these streams can still get them in trouble.

So why does this matter? Well, there are several reasons why we all need to play by the rules regarding content online. First off, copyright law protects creators of copyrighted works by giving them ownership over their creations and preventing others from profiting off of those creations without permission or payment; this means that when someone watches a stream on Reddit, NBA Streams and doesn’t pay anything for it (in other words: they tend pirated content), they’re stealing money from the people who made whatever show/movie/video game was being streamed at the time—whether they know this or not!

This is an endangered species, but it isn’t the only one.

Reddit NBA streams were a popular subreddit that provided free, illegal streams of NBA games. Unfortunately, the subreddit was taken down in an anti-piracy effort by the NBA, and now you can’t find it anywhere on Reddit.

But this isn’t the only endangered species on the platform: there are plenty of other subreddits where you can find pirated content. For example, /r/watchseries is a famous home for movies and TV shows; it had more than 500 million visits last year alone. And /r/watchanime has more than 100 million visits each month!

Have high hopes (and low expectations).

Maybe you’re a fan of the NBA and want to watch it online. Perhaps you’re just looking for something to flip through while waiting in line at the grocery store or during a commercial break on another channel. Whatever your reason, there are plenty of places on the internet where you can find free NBA streams.

Unfortunately, those sites might not be what they seem. An entire community is dedicated to finding free, high-quality sports streams—and they’re not always legal. For example, on Reddit, over 8 million posts are tagged with “NBA Streams,” most of which are links to pirated content that infringes on copyright laws and is often loaded with malware (see below). If you want to avoid these sites but still catch some great games online, check out our list below for some helpful tips!

Reddit NBA streams was a popular subreddit, with more than 400,000 readers at its peak.

At its peak, Reddit NBA streams had more than 400,000 readers.

The subreddit was extremely popular from mid-2019 until early 2020.

The high point for the community was in June of 2020 when it reached a total of 400,000 readers. This means that at least 400,000 people were browsing through Reddit NBA streams on a single day in June of that year. In addition, this community’s highest time of day was 9 am (the most popular hour being 9 am), with an average number of visitors per minute during that month being approximately 90 visitors per minute (meaning at least 90 people were viewing the subreddit every 60 seconds).

There were 106 million visits to that subreddit alone in 2018.

In the past, Reddit NBA streams were a way to watch live sports online. In 2018 alone, there were 106 million visits to that subreddit—a figure astounding in its volume and demonstrates how popular this platform can be. This number was announced by a Reddit employee who posted on r/NBAStreams/[3] with data from Alexa and Google Analytics for Reddit’s official app.

If you want to watch basketball, consider your options.

If you’re a basketball fan and have cable, there are several ways to watch the NBA playoffs online. Your best bet is to sign up for NBA League Pass. If that’s not an option or if it’s too expensive, here are some other services that offer free or discounted live streams of NBA games:

  • ESPN+: This service costs $4.99 per month, but it includes access to the entire Playoffs series (including Finals) and one round of the regular season—that’s enough coverage unless you’re a diehard!
  • Sling TV: If you’re looking for just one game every night, this package (for $40) will give you access to all four networks broadcasting playoff games without any hidden fees or charges on top of that price tag (no DVR included).
  • DirecTV Now: You’ll find what most people want with this option: every single game on all networks except ABC Family/Disney Junior during their scheduled timeslots; no additional fees are required other than what comes standard with your subscription plan.* Hulu with Live TV*: Hulu offers subscribers access through its app at no extra charge beyond their regular monthly fee—which ranges from $5-$7 depending on how many channels they want to be included.* YouTube TV*: You won’t get everything here, but there will still be plenty available, including MLB Network, which has been added recently alongside NESN SportsNet New England.* fuboTV*: Again, not everything will be covered, but there should still be enough action each night so long as they hadn’t sold themselves out like they did last year when they didn’t show any Warriors games.* Playstation Vue: This one isn’t bad either because it includes NBC Sports Bay Area in its lineup, which means viewers can see Warriors games via live stream or on-demand after being aired live locally in Northern California areas where these broadcasters reach out

Then there are the people who couldn’t care less about the product and only wanted to watch for the monetary rewards for their affiliates.

The NBA subreddit was a popular destination for fans of the game, but it also had another purpose: as a place where affiliates could promote their streams. The subreddit was reportedly involved in creating around $13 million in revenue last year, but the site’s moderators felt like those streams were not being done right and made it so that they could no longer be posted on Reddit.

That didn’t stop some people from posting their links, though. A month after the change was made to ban NBA streams from Reddit, there were still more than 200 posts on r/watch NBAstreams with links to watch live basketball games on services like Twitch and YouTube Gaming (now called YouTube Live). Of course, this number doesn’t include all the other streaming services that exist today!

And in the meantime, there’s always a new subreddit bound to pop up in the place of old ones!

The subreddit was a popular destination for NBA fans, and at least one of its moderators was aware of the potential pitfalls. “It is possible that this subreddit will be banned in the future,” they wrote on a message board. “But we have been running this subreddit for everyone’s enjoyment, and will continue doing so until something changes.”

The site still hosts other sports-related subreddits, including r/nba and r/nbastreams (the latter seems to be running as usual). However, Reddit’s policies mean that these streams are not always reliable or safe to use—and in some cases, may not even exist anymore. You can also find streamers on Twitch or YouTube who offer live broadcasts from outside North America (although many don’t allow those in other countries to watch them).


We’re all still waiting to see what happens with Reddit NBA streams, but in the meantime, we can look forward to the next time another subreddit comes up for ad-free streaming.


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