Lost golden city discovered


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The news has broken today by the Egypt country that they have discovered a lost an old lost Golden city. This lost city which has got recently discovered is said to be golden city and it is one of the great discoveries that happened in a decade. So from every perspective this is of course so important and matters for other discoveries too for the future. The discovery was done on Thursday and the research reveals that it is one of the major finding since the unearthing of King Tutankhamun’s tomb that happened 100 years ago. The city belonged to the History of 18th dynasty King Amenhotep III, who ruled ancient Egypt from 1391 to 1353 B. C.

On the other hand, this is also known to be the best known monuments which carry deeper History. We all are aware with the History of Egypt and there are thousands of artefacts.  Egypt is one of the most beautiful country and it has some of the best and longest history.  The country has lots of things which people would like to discover. This news has got revealed lots of things and facts about the long history.

A major discovery

So basically, there is lots of things people need to know and they would also going to know about the world and earth.  These discoveries are one of the major discoveries which has surely a bigger role in upcoming projects.  This newly and fresh discovered city is situated on the west bank of the Nile River,  close to the colossians of Melton,  Mediterranean Have and the Ramesseum or the mortuary temple of King of Ramses II,  these are some of the most famous and eye catching tourists destination.

Last year, archaeologists were looking for some discoveries to this area and they were even very sure about this discovery, although they had began this one in the last year September. They all were looking for the mortuary temple of King Tutankhamun. Those who does not know much about this but they should know that this is one of popular figure from ancient Egypt. There is in fact a lot to know about these one and people need to just discover some of the best.

What archaeologists have found? 

Well, along with bigger history there is lots of stuff which archaeologists have discovered.  They have found utensils and they are so old, coloured pottery, weapons, prints, clothes and many small ones.  They have also found wine vessels, rings, coloured pottery, scarabs, spinning and weaving tools, this was reported by AP.

Along with these things they have also got their hands on mud bricks, yes they were lucky to discover more stuffs like mud bricks and this tool used to be helpful in making the buildings.

Why is the find significant? 

There must be people who will be wandering why this finding are so major and crucial.  If you really want to know which this planet is and what it is all about you should know how it used to function. Well, actually there is lots of discoveries anyone would like to know.  As archaeologists Zahir hawass, this city had the largest administrative and industrial settlement of the paranoid empire.

Archeologists are also looking forward for more things because there is another part which is yet to be discovered. The best part of this discovery is that they are finding some of the discoveries which exists already in the modern Era.  It shows that how our ancient history was more modern than us and they were in fact more advance than we are today.  It is just like we are discovering now but they had already discovered these things long ago.  It means we are part of the planet where our ancient civilization was earlier more advanced, modern and discovered one.  There were many artefacts which has made people just think twice how wonderful civilization already existed.

Why people should know about history and these things? 

Well, people are today less aware about their history and surroundings, but people should definitely should know and keep things in their knowledge.  Why it is so important,  it will help them grow,  to keep things in their knowledge so that they could know their world even better. Everyone should know the history, about their existence and things which are around them. It would actually help them to grow and learn about the things.

This golden city which has been found today is said to be the one of the most important discoveries which happened and archaeologists were looking for the temple of Tutankhamun and by excavating they got to found so many things.  People will not believe but they have found things like oven, storage, bakery which is way too modern because this civilization existed long ago 3000 years ago.

People must know these facts and they should learn what is going around. It is definitely one of the greatest discoveries.  These are part of our history, part of our lives, and it us in fact so wonderful to know about our history, existence. These discoveries have shown the world today, a different world and a world which was more advanced, modern in fact people should learn about these things. Those who do not know about their culture and history, they should learn about these things.

There is a bigger world out there and you can only discover when you really are looking for it to know. Also the world is a better place, there are in fact, so much to know people, it is just that people should have their own interests.  It all depends upon their interests; it matters because life is full of those things.  By knowing the ancient world you learn lot about the history, culture and many more things. Always be curious and try to know about things around you, you should always be ready to know your history and culture. Yes, there is more discoveries on the way.

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