Meet the directors who are showing us new ways to see fashion, with films that are immersive and experimental A simple video made a lasting impression at the first digital Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) show last October. Produced by New Delhi label 11.11/eleven eleven, it showed an artisan’s busy handsContinue Reading

Tweaked ergonomics, decent amounts of grip and a sporty profile, add to the bike’s charm The new Honda CB350RS is based on the popular, retro-styled H’ness CB350. However, it takes a slightly new approach towards design and ergonomics. Is it worth the stretch? The design The similarities with the H’nessContinue Reading

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There is more to Joseph Radhik’s life than endless sangeeths and wedding parties. It is also about taking quick decisions and saving his lens from revellers. The photographer also chats about his part in Netflix series ‘The Big Day’ From crouching beside to a toilet, wedged between plants, to dodgingContinue Reading

Many are still brimming with the confusion of whether or not they can take the COVID vaccine if they have had the coronavirus infection before. According to a recent study published in medical journal The Lancet, it is extremely important that people who have already contracted the virus once inContinue Reading