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IITs, IISc have recently announced learning courses and by seeing outer scenario. It is surely important people devote their time in the right way to the right place. If you are not allowed to go outside it does not mean you will not teach yourself, you would not invest your time in the right place. Learning has been our most potential and most important aspect of any human life. If they constantly focus on learning there is surely a world outside waiting for them to learn even more. Time is everything and in this lockdown time, it has become crucial for everyone.

IIT has done some of the best work, it is a Nobel work, in the times of crisis and it is in fact the best time people could invest their time to the right place. People has got panic because of the situation but without getting affected with the situation, people should take this moment as an opportunity and take the maximum benefit it of it. You can take maximum benefit from this situation and learn as much as you want. They have announced a a number of courses which are going to be absolutely beneficial for those who are really into learning.

Will it be online or offline?

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Of course, by seeing conditions, they are trying their hundred and ten percent best to give them and provide them things in a more better way, so that they could find the comfort and learn both in a comfortable way. Actually, the platform is trying to give maximum benefit to the people so that they can utilize this time and use it for their well being. We would have never thought of this that any platform could help people in such a way but this platform is really helping people in several of the ways. The courses have got announced online and they are going to be very beneficial and people could surely find something new and interesting here.

An education system on the verge of breaking

The time for education is quite intense and people from all over the world is trying to give something useful and crucial to the people so that they could use it in a better way. People will have to work other to give maximum benefit via this and people could find something useful from here. It is the best time when people could pick up some of the courses and stay connected with learning and education and self teach themselves. It is indeed very necessary that people learn to do it, because no one in this world is going to do that. But if any students do it, they would do and find out something very useful. When the world is about to break in the field of education, they must not forget that it is very necessary to benefit people and to give them something useful. These IITs have really tried to give something so useful and beneficial to the people and those who are going to take advantage of it they are going to find maximum benefit from it.

List of the online courses offered by IITs, IISc in the latest tech world

Of course, it is so important that people find out their ways to the right thing. Here is the list full of learning and strengthening your skills, this would surely go to be a great help for people. This is the list –

  1. Advanced certification Program in VLSI Chip design by IISc

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore has collaborated with Talent Sprint an online Pg level advanced certification Program in VLSI chip design. This one has been especially git designed by industry professionals and in this, they have to design future-ready chips with potential that would help people with power new age technologies like AI, IoT, Mobility, Analytics, VR and Cloud. There are some other ones too and they are going to be super fun and quite with the spirit of learning.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning –

This one is also in the list and this course is going to a super fun to learn. It Roorkee has offered this course as an online source for all the aspirants who always wanted to learn things like that and this is available on the Coursera. The access of coursera is quite easy and with a simple process. You just need your mail id and password to login into this. This course is actually quite beneficial and people would learn about it after learning.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: 

IIT Madras has done a novel job by offering a 12-week course for students for the aspirants of undergraduate and postgraduate. So in short, there are many courses available for postgraduates and undergraduates so they can take maximum benefits from here and find something useful to learn.


So along with this, there are some other courses too and they are equally so beneficial and important for people if they are really looking for some learning genuinely.  It is in fact the right time to invest time in learning so that it could also help people in so many ways and make their hard work little more flexible and earning. You could surely visit to the sites and take maximum benefit out of it and learn something from it. It becomes so important people learn to invest their time to the right course and to the right work.

Anyone who is into this filed they could take maximum benefit out of it and find something useful for their learning and spend some time to the right place. Learning has always been an important part of human life and if you are getting that chance and opportunity so you should definitely not miss that. Go and take advantage of this course, teach yourself and also tell your friends about it so that they could also take advantage of it.

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