There is no more any need of mask for the higher secondary students


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It’s a priority today that the schools across UK has declared that there will be no need of wearing face mask to school any more( as per sources from education secretary). This was primarily objected by the teaching unions and others for the guidance to remain in place.

As of reports confirmed by Gavin Williamson the government is planning to water down its guidance around wearing of masks at 3 steps of its roadman which goes out of lockdown. This will be no longer earlier than 17th of May.

The scientists, public health expert’s parents and the teaching unions had written to him this week warning about the vacation rates which were not sufficient to fully mitigate the impact of transmission. A written agreement has been made to the authority by scientists, public health experts, parents and teaching unions to warn the rates of vaccination which were not sufficient and to fully mitigate the impact of transmission among the children on infection rates in the community.

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With recent coverage, Williamson has confirmed to the daily telegraph that the infection rates continue to decline and the vaccination program has rolled out successfully. There are even plans for removing the requirement for face coverings in the classroom at step 3 of the roadmap. However the guidance from the government will continue to recommend that the secondary pupils should wear masks in corridors and other areas inside the school where there is no practical implementation of social distancing.

The head teachers have called on the government to provide with decisive guidance on the face masks in the secondary schools, with this the term moves on saying that the pupils could end up being excluded in disputes over face covering. There is still wide spread confusion over the issue that arose just before al pupils are due to return to the school in England. This is also threatening to bring head teachers into conflicts with parents.

It was on Tuesday when the government intervened to stop councils requiring children in primary schools in England to wear face masks when they return to the school next week.  The move came on after it emerged that red bridge council in east of London had advised head teachers to consider face covering for primary school pupils in the borough which is a major part of covid health as well as safety measures.

Government guidelines and guidance’s:-

There are new government based guidance managed and designed for people returning to school next week. This states that the children in primary school don’t need to wear a face covering but are just a recommendation to own safety. The secondary school pupils must wear masks in the classroom without making it mandatory.

Geoff Barton, working as general secretary of the association of school and college leaders said that it would be much easier if the government guidance on the face covering in secondary school was just black and white.

He even said that, if it goes more significant to wear masks, it should be worn and made clear for its usage to students. These masks are made much easier to say to parent. This can be considered as a part of the expectation just like the school uniform or doing the home tasks. Indeed this stands more important as being a life savior.

With evidences to the MPs on the commons education committee, the people won’t get into disputes which would lead to the young people having to be excluded from the school as they are not prepared to wear the face mask. But Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders union NAHT said that “no one wants to see the face masks in classroom for longer than they are necessary”. Creating the confidence that this next step is right thing to do the essentials and to avoid the unnecessary shocks to the system in recovery.

It is also expected that parents, students and staffs will need to understand why removing the face mask in the classroom is considered appropriate when it’s not for other enclosed spaces. There is still an expectation that the school leaders would continue to work closely with their staffs and communities with making decision based on complete risk assessments and local circumstances.

As per Barton, it’s important that it’s very clear what the schools and colleges are required to do and where they have discretions to make decisions based on their own contexts and risk assessments.

Should masks be scrapped in classrooms:-

With recommendations from the public health experts, it was written to Mr. Williamson this week with the warning that vaccination rates were not sufficient to completely mitigate the impact of transmission among the children on infection rates in the community.

This letter urged Williamson to keep the requirement of masks in place until or at least till 21st of June. It was like a treaty being signed by the scientists and public health experts from the oxford university. They joined the forces with five unions representing teachers and other school staffs and parents.

It also said that, the school completely reopened on 8th of March and the number of children testing positive for covid 19 increased, so that by the starting of the Easter break the prevalence of infection was higher in the school age children than in any of the other age group.

Later it highlighted with the growing concerns about the risks of developing long covid, warning that an estimated 43,000 children and 114,000 school staff are thought to be suffering from the condition.

Even the department of education spokes person said that it is expected that the face coverings will no longer be required in the classroom at step 3rd of the road map. This will no longer be earlier than that of 17th of May. Further with lifting the restriction at step3, will focus on review of the latest date on the infection and vaccination rates, and all other school safety measures including regular asymptomatic testing which will remain in place.

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