Murder should be accused to the Election Commission: HC Madras


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Four days later, the High Court of Calcutta censored the EC for not doing enough to ensure that political parties would obey suitable protocols in the emerging second wave.

Here intensely appreciating that, during their campaign rallies for assembly polls in four states and Union Territories last month, the Madras High Tribunal had not prevented political parties from violating the Covid Protocol, saying on Monday that “the only institution responsible of the situation in which we find ourselves is the murder charge that will probably be imposed on a panel.

The Court requested that EC provide an appropriate blueprint on the compliance with Covid safety standards on the day of the count and that the counting of votes on 2 May maybe also be halted. Public health is of the utmost significance, and it is distressing to remind constitutional institutions of this. The democratic republic can only grant him other privileges if the resident lives. The condition is now one of life and security, and everything else is secondary,” claimed the decree. In the event, the next hearing was held on 30 April when the EC plan must be recorded before the Court said.

Four days later, the High Court of Calcutta censored the EC for not doing enough to ensure that political parties would obey suitable COVI protocols in the emerging second wave. You have not been able to exercise your power in particular. Despite any orders of the Court that ‘maintain Covid Protocol, maintain the Covid Protocol,’ you have not taken action against political parties conducting rallies, observed the High Court of Madras.

The Bench of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy, noting that the panel “was the most reckless of these last few months in not preventing party political parties from wilful violation of the Covid-19 protocol,” said: “Murder accusations should undoubtedly be brought whether the EC was on another world at polls, an institution that is a constitutional entity.

At the hearing of the petition of AIADMK and Tamil Nadu, transport minister M R Vijayabhaskar. The Committee made observations seeking instructions on the EC to take stern steps in its Karur electoral district on 2 May, where 77 candidates were challenged. The bench also instructed the EC on how to preserve the Covid Protocol until 2 May so that this condition does not succumb more to your quirks. If not, the court warned that the count must end.

Later, the court issued an interim order on the plea: “Even if this Court’s repeated orders are broken for almost every time an order was passed for an election petition, Covid’s protocol must also be maintained throughout the campaign, and there may have been a loss to the Election Commission of the significance of adherence to such protocols and silence by Election.

The interim order indicated that security precautions for May 2, when there is barely a week left for a counting date, should be planned for the Election Commission. “The matter will be discussed on 30 April 2021, when the Election Commission should suggest the full picture of the appropriate measures taken in all counting centers,” he said. Previously, the court reminded the EC’s lawyers that “survival and security” are all for now and that everything else is coming.

Politics or no policies, be it phased or postponed, the vote counting on 2 May could, at no expense, result in a further boom. The counting of votes on 2. Public health is crucial, and the fact that constitutional bodies must be remembered is distressing, the court said. In addressing the Indian Express, the EC official stated: The text of the Honorable High Court of Madras interim written order does not include any reference to the alleged comments made during the court hearing.

In Bihar in October/November, the country’s first election after the pandemic outbreak was held in Bihar, with the EC implementing protocols Covid, for instance, restricting the number of electors to 1,000 by one voting station from the previous ceiling of 1,500. The next elections began on 27 March. Most of them were closed for West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and the Union Territory of Puducherry, except West Bengal, where voting ended on 29 April.

The seventh and penultimate stage of the eight-stage Western Bengal elections took place on Monday with 34 candidates, 284 with more than 86 lakh voters enrolled. There were massive rallies at the polls, particularly in West Bengal, to which Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Union Minister Amit Shah, and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee were addressed. The EC has forbidden roadshows, car meets, and public gatherings of more than 500 people, adding to political parties.

The candidates have still not adhered to the prescribed safety standards; four rallies in the State, citing many high-level meetings in the Covid crisis, were canceled on Thursday. The High Court of Calcutta expressed disappointment with the EC on implementing Covid standards during the elections on the same day. Having heard PILs seeking implementation of Covid Procedure, the EC was assured of the failure to issue circulars and hold a meeting on this issue by a Divisional Bench chaired by Chief Justice T B N Radhakrishnan.

Mamata welcomes the Madras HC order, calls for the removal of covid-infected central powers. West Bengal CEO Mamata Banerjee requested the removal from Western Bengal of significant powers during the next polling stage and welcomed the observations of the Madras High Court that the election committee would have to blame Covid, not for his spreading. “I welcome the High Court Order from Madras, which has explicitly stated that the EC cannot forget its liability. The (current) condition (of Covid spreading in the state) is the responsibility of both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and EC,” alleged Banerjee at the workers’ meeting in the City of North Kolkata, where Party candidates and workers were present.

To ensure transparency during the counting of votes on 1 May in the Karur electoral district, the Minister asked the Court seeking guidance of the Election Commission to pursue a series of steps to contest the elections as an AIADMK candidate. In the electoral district of Karur, there were 77 candidates. We assure you that if we do not find before May 2 a plan for ensuring proper management of the COVID protocol to prevent the idiosyncrasies from succeeding in this state.

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