How to download YouTube videos for free?


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Have you ever wanted to download a video from YouTube? If the answer is yes, then you came to the right place. In this post, I will show you how easy it is to download YouTube videos for free.

How to download YouTube videos for free?
How to download YouTube videos for free?

You can download a YouTube video to your PC or smartphone using an online converter.

You can download a YouTube video to your PC or smartphone using an online converter.

Many websites allow you to convert and download videos from YouTube. Some of them are free, but the quality of the resulting files may not be as good as those provided by paid services.

This is where VidPaw comes in handy! VidPaw is a site that allows you to convert any video on YouTube into another format and provide high-quality downloads without additional software or apps. So it doesn’t matter if you want to download your favorite music video from YouTube or just some random cat video from your friend’s channel—VidPaw has got you covered!

After logging in with your account (or creating one), go ahead and look for a video that you want to share with others via email or social networks—a perfect fit for today’s modern society when everyone wants access at all times!

Find a YouTube video and copy its URL.

  • Find a YouTube video you want to download, then copy its URL.
  • Paste the URL into our converter and click the convert button. It will display a pop-up window with information about your conversion status and buttons for downloading your file immediately or opening it in VLC Media Player (a free media player).
  • If you choose to download now, a new tab will open up in your browser with download options for different file types: mp4, WebM, and 3gp files are encoded at 720p resolution; mp4 files are encoded at 1080p resolution, and WMV files are encoded at 1440p resolution (the highest available). You can choose whichever one(s) you’d like—make sure they’re compatible with whatever device you view them on!

Download a YT video using a browser extension

Download a YT video using a browser extension

  • Install a browser extension. You can find several YouTube download extensions on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera’s web stores.
  • Use a browser extension to download a YT video. Some extensions are designed for downloading videos directly from YouTube; others are intended for downloading content from other websites (e.g., Vimeo) that use embedded YouTube videos as part of the page design. To start downloading Openload or Vidtozo links:
  • In Safari, click on the “Downloads” icon in your dock or toolbar and then select “Save Link As…” or “Download Video As…” from the dropdown menu that appears at the top of your screen (or press Shift-Command-S).

Type http://openload/video/ID_HERE into this box and hit Return; e.g., http://openload/video/5d6Jb7CvRtk if you want to save [this video](

Download YouTube videos using

You can download YouTube videos using the browser extension. The tool is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari users.

To use this method:

  • Go to and click on the “Download” button at the top right corner of the page. Then, select your preferred browser from the dropdown menu (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari). Click on “Download.”
  • After downloading and installing the extension of your choice (in this example, we will be using Chrome), open up any video on YouTube in your browser where you want to download it from (for example,
  • Now look for a small SaveFrom icon in your address bar next to the “Close tab” and click on it as shown below:

Download YouTube Videos using is a free online service for downloading youtube videos. It’s fast, safe, and secure. This online tool has many advantages over other similar services:

  • It’s fast: downloads YouTube videos in seconds
  • It’s easy to use: all you need is to paste the URL address of your favorite video on the website and click the “download button.”
  • It supports all major browsers: You can download your desired Youtube video using any browser (Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)

There are several ways to download a Youtube video on your devices.

There are several ways to download a Youtube video on your devices.

You can use any of these methods to download Youtube videos for free.

  • Downloading via an online converter is the easiest and fastest way to do it, but paying for an app license or service subscription will cost you some money.
  • Downloading using browser extensions – if you have Chrome or Firefox browser installed on your computer, some valuable extensions are available that let you save the video as mp3 files quickly without waiting for hours until all parts of the video have been downloaded. The only disadvantage here is that these extensions don’t work with all browsers, so if you don’t use Chrome or Firefox, this option won’t work for you!
  • Using – this website offers users plenty of options: from downloading individual parts from any YouTube video (e.g., just audio track) to completing downloading process where even high-quality 4K resolution files get saved as mp4s inside their folders/folders hierarchy structure (e..g. “youtube_video_title”/”part1”). You can also choose whether they want only full-length streams or just short clips cut out from more extended versions; whether they wish stereo format or surround sound; various bitrates available up to 16kbps…etc… In addition, users can choose multiple designs at once, like MP3s together with Ogg Vorbis format, etc.

You can download any youtube video for free from these services.

Downloading videos from YouTube is easy. To download a YouTube video, you will need a program that allows you to download and convert the video into an MP3 file. The most popular program is JDownloader.

JDownloader can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android devices. For this tutorial, we will use JDownloader 2, which is currently in beta testing mode but stable enough to use.

To start downloading your favorite YouTube video or playlist, follow these steps:


Downloading YouTube videos is easy, but it’s also against the terms of service. It can be done using third-party services or with some manual work on your own. You can download clips uploaded by other users or live streams (with some limitations). You can use the accessible version of a paid app like Videoder to do this if you prefer not to pay for apps at all.

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