Work From Home get dressed code: Why you aren’t conducting a lot in the ones pair of denims – intercourse and relationships


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In the last one week or a little more than that, I have felt that I have more time on hand than I have ever had in the decade-plus of being at work. No, I wasn’t at the office desk all long, but you do agree that we hardly do disconnect even when we decide to, on weekends or holidays or (unfortunately so) on mental health days.

Noticed how there’s so much joy in not wanting to dress up or look ‘our best’ or dress to kill and all the phrases similar to putting your best foot forward at the workplace? All the times my phone has rung or has received a ping, and I have someone checking in on me, have got a standard response from me, “I’m enjoying this change.”

The good thing about choosing an offbeat line of work, however, is that we’re not bound by formal, casual, smart casual dressing choices or the days designated to them (yes, some of you might be envious too). Despite that, it’s an absolute pleasure to go to bed and wake up with the thought of wearing (or not) wearing what we want and going on with our lives, hustling in the virtual world, but enjoying JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) in the real one.

A meme on social media got me thinking, however, what is it these people wearing jeans at home trying to accomplish? Why not just enjoy these little pleasures like no-bra days, hair pulled back in a messy bun, probably dripping oil, no makeup and sometimes, even no shower? Okay, the last one might gross some of you out, but remember the part where I mentioned hustling in the virtual world? So unless you’re on urgent video calls with your peers and seniors, what you look like should have no bearing on your productivity, isn’t it?

Speaking of no bras, women around the world will agree that it is the best feeling to come home after a long day and unhook their brassieres (bra is short for a brassiere), toss it somewhere in the room and plop themselves on their bed or a couch if that’s an option. Some ‘inspirational’ quotes have also advised that (women should) “marry the man who gives you the feeling of taking off your bra at the end of a long day.” That is a feeling of peace that probably none other can match when you begin adulting and may not even be the best at it.

Pop-culture also helps you make light of a situation like this one where the members of the bust area have a designated nomenclature. With the outbreak of the pandemic, and most of us operating from the comfort of our homes, dressing down for the day is the new normal and most of us are in love with this idea. From tees to pyjamas, to kaftans, track pants, nighties and more, comfortable clothing is entering our daily lives in a whole new way, plus there’s no pressure to constrict any body part while you do all this and much more!

Vaani Malik, a communications professional from New Delhi who lives with her parents, feels the need to change into something new every day because it gives her day a structure and helps her gear up for a seemingly regular day at work. She adds that she loves pyjama co-ord sets especially freshly washed and ironed ones to keep her mood uplifted.

Tara Sandhu, a corporate professional, however, disagrees with the idea of totally dressing down while working from home. She says, “I don’t go all out and wear any formal clothing or Friday casuals, but I do follow a routine, have a bath, wear neat clothes and begin my day thereafter.”

Aparnna Hajirnis, a freelancer from Mumbai feels that being your boss also has its cons as laziness is bound to creep in. “I usually start my work by 2-3 PM and that goes on until about 8 PM. In this time I usually prefer wearing my PJs or a bathrobe as I’m the most comfortable in that. But if I have to do some serious writing like an analysis or a review of a show or something I go to a coffee shop and work from there. I most enjoy the part where I don’t need to dress up because writing comes to me very organically when I’m comfortable, and that is at home sitting on a bean bag with a laptop, wearing my favourite pyjamas.”

But it’s not just the women who are sticklers for comfortable fashion, especially when working from home.

Mikhail Mitra, a tech entrepreneur from Bengaluru says, “I wear what I feel most comfortable in, mostly a pair of shorts with a tee-shirt during video calls with my teams. For most men, I believe being comfortable is directly proportional to their productivity while working from home.:

What is your favourite work from home look? Do you feel dressing up is a need all the time or it’s okay to let it be and dress down when the need arises to enjoy the best of both worlds?

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