When Christopher Nolan spread out about Aamir Khan’s Ghajini being ‘inspired by’ Memento: ‘I heard it was successful’


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Filmmaker Christopher Nolan has made several trips to India in recent years, and unsurprisingly, he has been asked about topics related to India when he’s here. During a 2018 trip to Mumbai, Nolan was asked about his opinion of Aamir Khan’s Ghajini, which was an unofficial remake of Memento.

Nolan, speaking to India Today, said that while he hadn’t seen the film, he’d heard that it had done very well commercially. He’d said, “I have heard it was very successful, I heard people liked it. So I will watch it at some point. I was aware of it, and I am very honoured.”

2008’s Ghajini, in which Aamir plays an amnesiac on a quest for revenge, was itself a remake of the 2005 AR Murugadoss film by the same name. It was the first film to cross the Rs 100 crore mark at the domestic box office. Memento, which released in 2000, earned Nolan his first Academy Award nomination.

Guy Pearce in a still from Memento.

In addition to Ghajini, Nolan also spoke about his love for Indian cinema. “I usually get to see Indian films on planes, I very much enjoy them. As far as history of films, I recently got to see Pather Panchali for the first time and it’s one of the best films I’ve seen, a remarkable piece of work from 1955, its been lovingly restored. The negative was destroyed in a fire, and were able to painstakingly over time been able to bring it back, and someone like me can for the first time watch the film, and enjoy Indian cinema.”

Nolan has made critically and commercially successful films such as The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar and Dunkirk. His next film, Tenet, was partially shot in India, and features actors such as Dimple Kapadia and Denzil Smith.

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