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What do I feel different when the season changes?


When the seasons change, I feel different.

Section: Winter

I think about snow and skiing.

Section: Spring

I notice flowers blooming and animals courting.

Section: Summer

I see kids playing outside, birds chirping, and bugs buzzing around.

Section: Fall

I smell the leaves as they start to change colours, watch football games, and enjoy a cool breeze at night.

Takeaway: Each season brings its joys!

What do I feel different when the season changes?

feel different when the season change

What do you feel different after the season change?

The seasons are an essential part of life. There are four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We call each one by their name, and we can understand that each season differs. But do you know what exactly happens in your body when changing temperature or weather?

 The temperature outside affects our body because our body needs to maintain a certain level of heat to survive. So when it gets cold out, our bodies heat up to keep us warm; if it’s too hot outside, we sweat so that our skin becomes calm again. Our bodies have a set point around 37 degrees Celsius – as long as they stay around this number, they should be fine!


Summer season is hot. It’s the only season that’s hot. It’s also fun, which is why it’s called summer! Summer is the best time of year to go to the beach or any other place outdoors where you can cool off. Summer is also fun because there are many festivals and activities throughout June, July and August. The best part about summer, though? That would be summer break!


As summer comes to a close, so does the season of harvest. The days grow shorter and more relaxed, and we prepare for winter by gathering anything that we may need to survive through this time—food stores and materials like wood or even blankets. We also tend to our bodies and minds by resting to be ready for whatever challenges.

During autumn, it’s essential to let go of things that no longer serve you to make room for new growth. This can be difficult if you have been holding onto something dear your whole life but no longer serves its purpose (like childhood toys).


Winter season is a time of change, meaning you’ll feel differently than you would in the summer. Some people may not like the winter because it’s cold, but others like it quiet. So what does your body do when the seasons change?

Here are some things that happen during each season:


Spring season brings with it the idea of growth and renewal. As the weather warms, we see sprouts emerge from the ground, and trees begin to bud. We feel lighter as we shed heavy winter coats and boots in favour of more lightweight clothing such as t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. Spring is a season for new beginnings: it is here that we plant our gardens for summer; it is here that students head back to school after spending their winter break at home watching Netflix; spring also marks the time when many people report feeling happier than they did during other seasons!

Spring represents rebirth—literally! This season is when many plants return to life after lying dormant all winter long under snow or ice. Even though this process may seem slow on an individual level (after all, how fast can you grow?), it’s important to remember that what happens over a few months will take years for larger organisms like trees or even mountains!

The world is constantly changing; no change is better than others; enjoy it!

The world is constantly changing; no change is better than others; enjoy it!

When you think about it, we’re always moving on. This movement can be subtle; sometimes, it’s so drastic that everything changes overnight. But whatever happens to us in life – whether we like it or not – our bodies are constantly in motion and adapting to those changes. The seasons don’t matter here: they could change at any moment in your life! We might not feel like something has changed when we look outside, but if we take a closer look at our feelings, we will notice that some things are also happening inside us!


When the seasons change, you may feel different in many ways. For example, you might feel more energetic and motivated to get outside during the spring and summer months.

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