Watch | Decoding choice meat: Will plant-based protein to find takers in India?


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Rising awareness about ecological and health factors has increased interest in plant-based protein in India.

Several launches are expected in India this year while brands like Good Dot have already introduced food trucks in Mumbai, Udaipur and Jaipur

Better, a Mumbai-based brand, will launch vegan cheese and jackfruit-based curries in Mumbai and Pune; EVO, a start-up,  is developing egg dishes using lentil protein; the world’s first government research centre for developing cell-based meat is set to open in Mumbai this year and Delhi-based ClearMeat is working on lab-grown chicken alternatives

Critics, however, warn that mock meats are high in fats and sugars, and have a cocktail of other ingredients, and advise to always check the label to see what goes into it before giving these alternatives a try.

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