Tired of biased Marketplaces like Fiverr to promote services and products? – Check this!


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The World’s First & Only MarketPlace Builder MarketPresso, just went live!

Start selling any service with complete authority and zero dependencies on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork!

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MarketPresso is the only tool which lets you have,

  1. Your own branded MarketPlace
  2. Sell any number of services
  3. Fix any price for your service
  4. Sell without competition
  5. Get started with zero profit sharing
  6. Finally own the leads

No more struggling to sell services on Fiverr or Upwork!

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MarketPresso Founders’ Deal To Help You

Earn From Home During Lockdown

MarketPresso was launched 2 months ago (Feb 2020) to help service providers rapidly increase their income.

We have helped more than 2,000 people since then.

And now we are permanently making the move to become a monthly recurring product.

But right before we were about to make that switch, we were asked by a “few industry experts” to open one final one time payment deal to help people during this lockdown.

This will help people grow their revenue by working from their homes.

So here we have this special founders’ deal that will give you special unlimited access to MarketPresso which you will never get later.

Pay really close attention if you are a Freelancer/ Service Provider/ Digital Marketing Agency Owner or if you have ever purchased any product with Commercial License or Agency Rights…

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We Are Going To Run MarketPresso Founders’ Deal For

5 Days Starting From 10th May 2020.

Reason for the Founders’ Deal:

We are shifting to 100% recurring mode after this launch. Which means this launch is the last opportunity to grab MarketPresso for a lifetime price 

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“MarketPresso” is the World’s FIRST & ONLY builder on the planet that helps you build your “Own Marketplace”. Earn more money than ever before by selling your digital products, physical products or services.Do freelance work or build your agency – everything is now a possibility with your own custom white-labeled marketplace.

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Let’s discuss the most difficult part of cracking new client projects.

This is what happens when you reach out to clients:

  • They JUDGE you by the way you present yourself or your website
  • It’s hard to gain TRUST of new clients
  • You should have an amazing PORTFOLIO
  • They think of you as just another FREELANCER
  • They compare you with COMPETITORS
  • And finally, they always want to take you down on PRICE

The biggest reason this happens is because you are seen just as a freelancer & not an authority in your work.

Now the only place where you can create a professional-looking portfolio displaying your work with attached pricing & customer reviews is freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork & Freelancer.com.

But here’s the key problem…

“All of these platforms are really crowded with


You never receive orders there or maybe just 1 or 2 in a week, but they are hardly enough to pay for your bills.




Freelancing is the fastest growing industry on the planet.

Here are a few sample marketplaces:

MarketPresso Ahead Of Any Freelancing Site



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