Sushant Singh Rajput’s shut buddy Sandip Ssingh: Yeh galat raasta chuna usne, I want he spoke to me as soon as


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Film producer Sandip Ssingh is yet to come to terms with the fact that his closest friend, Sushant Singh Rajput is no more. “We all go through ups and downs, I’ve also been under depression for not being able to make the film I wanted to till now. Par yeh galat raasta chuna usne. Wish he spoke to me once,” he gets emotional.

Expressing his displeasure with everything that’s happening around Rajput’s death, Ssingh blames it on people’s lack of patience.

 “Whether in career, family, relationship or friendship, they want things to happen quickly. Sushant is gone and it’s been a difficult time for his family. But the way many are exploring theories around his death, it seems they already know why this happened. Neither his family nor I know what has actually happened. Police is investigating, let them find out the truth,” he urges people to stop speculating.

Calling Rajput a brother to him, Ssingh says everyone goes through tough times, but that doesn’t mean one should lose balance.

“We must set an example for others. How much you want to fight and win, that’s within you, nobody can force you to do that. What you decide is also on you, nobody can decide for you,” he says, recalling his first meting with Rajput during the casting for TV show Saraswatichandra that Ssingh co-produced.

“In these many years of friendship, Sushant spoke about insecurity, tension, depression, loneliness, relationship but then these are the things we all go through, but I could never imagine one day it would turn into this,” he says.

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Dear Ankita, with each passing day, one thought keeps haunting me over and over again. Kaash… I wish… We could have tried even harder, we could’ve stopped him, we could’ve begged him! Even when you both seperated, you only prayed for his happiness and success… Your love was pure. It was special. You still haven’t removed his name from the nameplate of your house❤️ I miss those days, when the three of us stayed together in lokhandwala as a family, we shared so many moments which bring tears to my heart today…cooking together, eating together, ac ka paani girna, our special Mutton bhaat, our long drives to uttan, lonavala or Goa! Our crazy holi! Those laughs we shared, those sensitive low phases of life when we were there for each other, you more than anyone. The things you did to bring a smile on Sushant’s face. Even today, I believe that only you two were made for each other. You both are true love. These thoughts, these memories are hurting my heart…how do I get them back! I want them back! I want ‘us three’ back! Remember the Malpua!? And how he asked for my mother’s Mutton curry like a little kid! I know that only you could’ve saved him. I wish you both got married as we dreamt. You could’ve saved him if he just let you be there…You were his girlfriend, his wife, his mother, his best friend forever. I love you Ankita. I hope I never lose a friend like you. I won’t be able to take it.

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While many are highlighting about the rejections Rajput faced in Bollywood, Ssingh questions why are people forgetting the 30-40 films that the actor turned down.

“He was a big star. Sushant loved his fans so much. Look at how much everyone is missing him. I wish he knew how much he is loved. He’s an inspiration to many. I think one should speak up and not hide things from their loved ones,” says Ssingh, furthering sharing that he and Rajput were in fact “looking forward to do our first film together as a director and actor”.

Among several posts that Ssingh put up on social media remembering Rajput, the one where he mentioned that ‘Sushant and (his former girlfriend) Ankita (Lokhande; actor) should have married’ garnered everyone’s attention.

“There are many who understood where I was coming from and there are many who have disagreed. Whatever I said came from my heart. Sushant and Ankita were made for each other. I feel it’s better to concentrate on the positives right now,” he ends.

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