Sonu Nigam offers coronavirus twist to his hit music Main Hoon Na, watch it right here

Singer Sonu Nigam, who is currently in Dubai in the lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic, has come up with a funny video where he cracks jokes about cleaning the house and also crooned a new version of his hit song from Shah Rukh Khan’s Main Hoon Na.

The video opens with Sonu greeting fans, informing right up that it will be a light-hearted video and saying, “Yakin maniye doston, lockdown mein ghar ke andar bandh rah kar, maine zindagi ke chand akhand satya ka pata kiya hai. Jhadu marte hue aap aage jaate hain aur pocha marte hue peeche jaate hain (Believe me, my friends, I have learnt a few universal truths about life while staying home in lockdown. While sweeping, you move ahead and while mopping you move backwards).” He is then seen sweeping and mopping the floor in his balcony area.

“Maine isme itna research kiya hai ki maine pata laga liya hai ki agar pocha aapki wife ne lagaya ho to na aage jana hota hai na peeche. Jab tak pura sookh na jae, jaha ho wahi khade rehna hota hai. (I have done so much research on this, I have also discovered that if your wife has mopped the floor, you cannot move at all – neither forward nor backwards. You have to stand where you are until the floor dries),” he added.


After asking fans to stop obsessing over news about coronavirus, he is seen playing the piano and singing, “Kar raha hai logo ko bimaar corona. China se aya ye vikaar corona. Sabun se dhona haathon ko baar baar, ghar se nikalne ka tu karna na vichaar. Mil jul ke humne is virus ko dhona. Ghar pe baithe ho to udaas na hona. Jeetenge hum, jaega haar corona. (Corona is making people fall ill, this virus came from China. Keep washing your hands with soap time and again and do not even think of going out. We will fight this virus together. Do not be sad if you are at home, we shall win and corona will be defeated).” The song is based on the title track of Main Hoon Na.

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Sharing the video, Sonu wrote on Instagram, “#SonuLiveD | VLog 21 | Janiye zindagi ke akhand satya Concept and written by Bharat Kukreti and Sonu Nigam Location : Sundar Niwas, Courtesy Sarina Vaswani Shot on : Samsung Fold.”

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