Neil Nitin Mukesh: We make Nurvi talk along with her grandparents, my brother and sister three times an afternoon by the use of video calls on this lockdown


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For actor Neil Nitin Mukesh, getting his daughter Nurvi to bond with family members and understanding the value of relationships, is very important. But due to the Covid-19 crisis and other reasons, neither has the little one been able to meet her grandparents, nor has she been able to go out and play.

Neil shares that his parents “are miserable without Nurvi”, and they haven’t met the toddler, who will turn two in September, since almost six months, since they were travelling for his father’s concert.

“They were travelling for my father’s concert for quite some time and when they had just come back, this (lockdown) happened. My office is in Andheri where Rukmini (wife), Nurvi and I stay, and on Fridays we usually go to our other house where my parents and Naman (brother) stay. But we aren’t doing that now. My worry is about relations, so I make sure we make Nurvi speak with her paternal and maternal grandparents and my sister Neha via video calls at least thrice a day,” he shares.

Other than that, Neil’s efforts are driven towards keeping daughter Nurvi engaged.

“Since we live on the ground floor, the park in our society is clearly visible from our house. One of these days, I saw her looking at the park quietly,” he recalls, deliberating upon how other children too must be feeling sad and restless about being cooped up in their homes.

The actor shares that they are trying to figure out how children can be allowed in the park, which is only open for adults for now. 

Meanwhile, Neil says Nurvi is growing up and has started making conversations. “She tells us when she is hungry, sleepy or when it’s her bath time. She follows her routine. Kids adapt to things so quickly. Rukmini is a hands-on mother, she is bringing up Nurvi well,” adds the doting dad, who also bonded with his daughter over some art sheets and colours.

Ask him about what’s keeping him busy work-wise, he says, “I’m working on my future scripts, and writing too.”

Being a creative soul, Neil can’t simply binge watch content. And so, he shares, “I also enjoy painting and reading up on ancient civilizations. My father has taught me to be humble and would the example of the big tree that bends when it bears fruits. I want to inculcate the same values in Nurvi. I think the time now is also teaching us to be humble, caring and be compassionate.”

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