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KOLKATA: Union environment minister Prakash Javadekar asserted on Friday that India is the only country to keep its commitments on climate action, despite accounting for only six to seven per cent of total carbon emissions in the world.
Speaking at a webinar organised by merchants’ chamber of commerce and industry, Javadekar also claimed that the country is not responsible for climate change, but it is working towards enhancing the generation of solar and renewable energy.
“India is the only country which is honouring its commitment on climate change, even though it is not responsible for it. Several other countries are now preaching carbon neutralisation, something that Indian industry has adopted on its own. The Indian industry is taking steps themselves to go carbon neutral. And they are doing it responsibly,” he said.
Javadekar also said that the country should gradually shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce pollution.
“Prices of EVs, as of now, are at least 40 per cent higher than their counterparts in diesel and petrol variants. But with the rising volume of EV sales, prices will come down,” he stated.
The Union minister said initially 3000 battery charging stations will be set up along Delhi-Chandigarh and Delhi-Agra highway.
The government has allowed a battery swapping policy as well, under which discharged batteries would be replaced at designated facilities.
Talking about the economic crisis caused by Covid-19, Javadekar said that the government had pumped in Rs 30 lakh crore to boost targeted sectors of the economy.
“This had helped the country to tread on the path of revival,” he added.

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