How to Find Hidden Apps in Android Mobile

How to Find Hidden Apps in Android Mobile

You may have learned of secret applications on your android computer if you use a smartphone. These applications are deliberately installed or withheld from you, or they can be used by default on your cell phone. The android itself often uses secret applications to ensure its productivity and quality control on your computer. You need, therefore, to know How to Find Hidden Apps in Android Mobile.

Hidden apps

Smartphone hiding applications is increasingly common among children and young people. This operation gives them the right to do whatever they want online without snooping through their telephones.

With it, they can view or download violent or pornographically hazardous applications with the knowledge that, they thought, you cannot capture.

You could start asking how much you know about their online behaviour if you have a child in your household. This post will discuss finding hidden apps on android devices, with several tips on whether your kid or wife has hidden apps on her android.

What are the types of Hidden Apps?

Any secret Android applications known as bloat ware contain some essential apps such as temperature, alarm and calendar, which are pre-installed on your Android phone. If otherwise, on your Android phone, several other applications are also installed that gather data about your Android device’s service and use. To allow developers to evaluate and refine the product if and when necessary.

Hide Apps on Android

It is also essential to learn how to hide apps on android after learning how to find Hidden Apps in Android Mobile. You must disguise it when you discover locked apps and are curious to unlock them. When you leave it unheard of, your child or co-worker will know if a non-desirable individual breaks in and you feel guilty about it. Make sure you can mask it as a remedy. There are also options to hide Android applications. This is the most straightforward approach to use:

  1. Choose Apps, open Settings.
  2. Tap the hide or deactivate application you like.
  3. Click Disable after you’ve landed on the App Info tab.
  4. Tap Disable when the screen receives a confirmation call.
  5. The app is gone from the application drawer.

You can also use third-party applications to mask those apps in addition to using the Settings programme. It can only do this if the computer is hidden. The first one is better if it doesn’t. Hiding applications like Vault Calculator, Apex Launcher and AppLock provide a range of choices. It’s more challenging to use a hiding programme because it depends on the application.

Finding hidden applications in the Settings App

The Settings app is the first way to discover secret Android applications. The measures are very straightforward and allow you to see any app set to be cached by users. Here are steps to uncheck applications from Settings:

  1. Go to Settings, browse Apps and pick Everything.
  2. A list of apps installed on your smartphone is shown. To browse the settings, scroll down. Find those that have the sign ‘Disable.’
  3. Alternatively, press the options “All apps” at the top of the page and click ‘Disable.’
  4. A list of secret smartphone applications is shown on the phone.
  5. Tap on the app and choose ‘Enable’ when you see a suspect or unknown application. It takes the app to the app drawer to make it easy to use.
  6. You will be on the screen drawer until you activate the app and hide it again. You will be able to use it. If you want to play an investigator, cover it after discovering the activity using suspect software.

Find hidden apps in the App Drawer

The app drawer also provides an option to discover secret Android apps. This is a complete list of installed apps that you can navigate by clicking on the icon in the bottom portion of your screen with four or six points. This is very simple and can be achieved in a few seconds, just like the previous form. Follow the steps in the app drawer to discover secret apps:

  1. Go to the drawer for your app.
  2. You’ll see a three-point button in the upper right corner of your phone. Just tap it. Tap it.
  3. To open home screen preferences, choose Settings. Go to the menu and hit Hide apps.
  4. You’ll see alphabet-sorting app categories. Download and search if you know some programme in the upper left corner with a check mark. So the applications are concealed from the screen tray.
  5. Uncheck the applications to unlock. It takes you to the app cabinet.

In some Android phones, after tapping Hide apps, you’ll see a blank screen. Only see hidden apps appear on this screen, but it remains blank when no apps are hidden.

Remove Android Hidden Apps

You can conveniently see hidden applications on Android smartphones if you follow the above measures. It would help if you uninstalled these hidden applications to encrypt your data and lock your telephone. Often uninstall the app using the official means if your handset is rooted and remove no spy software. It would help to delete the app data from your phone entirely. Or can use even Solid File Explorer to accomplish the job. It’s all about finding secret applications on Android phones. It can now download official Google Play Store applications.

Pros and Cons of Hidden Apps on Android


  1. Parents should track their online activities by keeping an eye on children of a minor age group.
  2. Often track the online history and influence of social media.
  3. It may know the talk and other media files of children and other people to hide.


  1. Most show hidden appsare designed to help users hide their dirty secrets, private chat, and private media files. It could have ruined your partner’s good relationship with your loved ones like a regular occurrence.
  2. Online and mobile telephones in today’s world are easily accessible. It made kids more conscious that they hid the stuff on their tablets. In these covert applications, children maintain their parents’ secrets to make their eyes difficult.
  3. Anyone who doesn’t know about these secret apps might be a spyware suspect.

Bottom Line

The search for secret Android apps knows how to conceal the mobile applications. You know every trick that the gadget owner has, and you can monitor it to find out if items are hidden. Hiding Android apps on specific smartphone models are simple, but most users are using third-party solutions.

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