Harshita Shekhar Gaur: TV ideas are nice however they lose the steadiness after they stretch a present


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Harshita Shekhar Gaur debut in Hindi entertainment industry happened with the TV show Sadda Haq that made her a household name. While she has smoothly transitioned to web and is also testing for films, one wonders if the reason for this shift is the debate around content on TV being regressive.

Gaur opines, “When a TV show starts, the concept is mostly amazing. But when they start stretching the same show for years, then somewhere they lose the balance. It’s essentially a structural problem in long format shows. And, I’ve not said goodbye to TV. It’s just that TV demands a lot more commitment and I don’t have that much time in hand given my web and film projects. I can only take up limited TV series.”

Mention that even Sadda Haq went on for over two years and Gaur adds, “Yes… we too had our stagnant moments. Had it went on for another one year, it would’ve gone against the show, so I think it ended at the right time.”


Given her web and film exposure, we ask Gaur about her experiences, especially in films, as some TV actors have revealed how TV as a medium is often looked down upon in Bollywood.

“Be it Mrunal (Thakur), Radhika (Madan), Asha Negi… they all started from TV and have played typical sari-clad roles and shows, yet look at the kind of films they’re doing. Not taking away from anyone’s hardships, but I feel things have changed. In fact, the films I’ve been testing for are all lead parts,” says Gaur, who’s portrayal of Dimpy in Mirzapur has earned her praises.

Glad that the OTT space has opened avenues for talent, Gaur shares. “I don’t know if people were aware of me earlier but after Scared Games and Mirzapur, good film offers are coming my way. I think web has changed the game. It has rightly made story the hero.”

Asked about the rampant violence, intimate scenes and cuss words shown on the web, the actor says there’s a variety of content and OTT and one can watch what they want to watch. “We need to understand if all these things are necessary for the story. Beena Tripathi’s character in Mirzapur does a lot of things as per the story. Now, the same character would’ve looked bad in a story where it would’ve been forced,” she reasons.

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