Could Your Website Use Update? See How It Can Be Revitalized

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The last several years have seen tremendous change. A lot has changed recently: Trump is running for president, cloud computing is all the rage, and Jon Snow has died and returned.

You may have run into trouble if you released your website before everything that has transpired and have not made any substantial updates since then. There is a continual need for redesign and upgrade due to the abundance of websites on the internet, some of which may be your main competitors.

Several permanent changes to your website can be examined here. Keep in mind that this is just a general outline and that some of the points may not apply to your website in particular.

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1. Think About 2016’s Current Trends

the effect of parallax:

Websites undergo tremendous changes over time (goodbye flashy texts!), so it’s important to consider how to adapt to new trends. The Parallax effect is one of the newest fads in web design. To create the illusion of depth, this effect mainly relies on the fact that the foreground and background loads at different rates. Make sure you check out these fifty amazing parallax scrolling websites.

Use this effect to give your whole website a new look and feel, or apply it selectively to specific pages or products for a more targeted update. You can save a lot of money by using parallax scrolling for certain products; it gives the impression that they are in three dimensions.

ii) The Impact of Ken Burns:

A different tendency is the impact of Ken Burns. Any static image can have the characteristic panning and zooming of a documentary filmmaker’s eponymous effect applied to it, directing the viewer’s attention and focus precisely where the filmmaker wants it. You could use this as a standalone theme for your website’s background or use it subtly in sliders.

iii) Designing a Flip Book Website:

The third emerging trend is the flipbook, which works wonderfully for websites focused on periodicals or magazines. Just as the name implies, using a flipbook is similar to turning the pages of a book. Furthermore, it is an excellent method of retaining the reader for a bit longer on the page, in addition to improving the website’s aesthetic appeal. If you want to showcase your finest portfolio work or product images front and center, or if you have lengthy content to present, this trend is worth considering because it is both engaging and interactive.

iv) The Backgrounds of Videos:

The trend of using video backgrounds is back in vogue. Put a pretty picture in the background and think you’re good to go; that’s so 2010. There is some evidence that using a video background increases the click-through rate and keeps the user on the page for a bit longer. If you know how to be creative, it can even tell your brand’s story in a unique way. The possibilities are endless. Use it to help achieve your site’s goal, not hinder it; just don’t make it too distracting and people will stop paying attention to the website.

2. Pictures are key

The days of using pixelated stock images are over. These days, pictures are more important than ever before because of the proliferation of picture-sharing websites like Instagram and Pinterest.

Whether your website is about products or services, it’s important to use high-resolution, high-quality photos that are both aesthetically pleasing and give your site a personal touch. Actually, you are the perfect choice to take these pictures. You want your website to convey a certain message, and stock images won’t do it justice. You can become a professional photographer with just a DSLR and some familiarity with the fundamentals of the craft; there are many online guides and tutorials to help you along the way.

Invest in pictures and make sure your site has a good chunk of high-quality images; if you can’t click them yourself, hire a professional. In the case of your goods, at least. Your prospects won’t be interested or convert unless the products on display are captivating enough.

3. Minimal shifts with significant impacts

You could get a whole new look for your website by incorporating the aforementioned trends. If you’d rather go at a leisurely pace, here are a few adjustments you can make individually or in a group.

personalize the login page

Is that right? Do you know who does that? One way to think about custom login pages is as a customer service point of contact. Also, branding-wise, it’s a fantastic but underdeveloped area. Make the most of this chance to share the story of your brand or at least make it reflect your brand values. Keeping oneself ahead of the competition means not going out of business. Furthermore, you ought to investigate anything that assists in maintaining the audience’s recall of your brand.

2) Typefaces

Just by switching up the fonts, you can make a big impact. Changing the font on your website could be a nice change for readers who are tired of the same old boring style. As a beginner, you can start small and see what works.

iii) Raise engagement on social media

Now, “social” is all the rage. You are missing out on thousands of potential customers if your website doesn’t also have a robust social media presence. Whether your business is local or global in scope, social media can help you connect with potential customers and build your brand.

Promoting content sharing among your website visitors is one strategy to expand your social media reach. Wishing you a fantastic How To blog! Alternatively, a video that is sure to make people laugh? With a social media plugin, your audience can easily share content instantly.

.iv) Icons will never go out of style

You most certainly made use of icons on your website, even though it was launched a few years ago. Icons are essential to any website because they help communicate ideas more quickly, add visual interest, and break up the page’s monotony. Not only that, but icons have also advanced greatly; nowadays, you can find a wide variety of high-quality icons. Thus, these are capable of much more than just basic communication.

part v) Graphics

There has been tremendous progress in the animation industry. The level of advancement in the visual effects industry is evident from the numerous superhero films and Star Wars’ return to the science fiction genre. Although we aren’t planning to implement extensive animation on the website just yet, a subtle touch will bring a delightful element of surprise to your readers.

Site animations, such as the snow effect or the rain effect, give it more life and can even adapt to the seasons and current trends.

(vi) plugin for timers

The need for a change, we hope, has been adequately conveyed. It would be disrespectful to your readers to keep them in the dark as you revamp your site. To inform them of the duration the website would be unavailable, use a timer plugin. They keep them informed and, when combined with the correct text, pique their curiosity.

Count down to your next post update, announce a sale, or create an atmosphere of urgency all with the help of the timer plugin. It has a plethora of other potential uses as well.

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