Coronavirus: Based on consultants, these 10 illnesses can show deadlier than COVID-19


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The discovery of ‘Disease X’ has put the world into a tizzy and has been coined as a possible pandemic to emerge in 2021.

According to Jean-Jacques Muyembe, the man behind the discovery of the deadly Ebola crisis, the world is at the looming threat of being faced by another apocalypse- named ‘Disease X’, thought to have come from the African rainforests and may have started to claim casualties as we know of.

The possibility of the infection spreading first emerged when a woman in a remote region of Congo, Africa reported symptoms similar to hemorrhagic fever and tested negative for all other viral infections.

What makes disease ‘X’, the cause of which still remains unknown to scientists far deadlier than any other pandemic is its high fatality rate. According to experts, the symptoms of the disease could fuel terrible problems, leaving a fatality rate of 80-90%.

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