100 Hours 100 Stars: Yasmin Karachiwala on taking part in the wonderful thing about her house – extra way of life


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Celebrity fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala had a fun chat with Fever FM for 100 Hours 100 Stars, an initiative started by Fever Network.

Yasmin spoke about how she looks at the sunset every evening and enjoys her terrace and the flowers, things which one does not get time to do when you’re busy working. She said she’s just trying to enjoy being in her home which she spent a lot of money doing up.

“My son who is 22 years old has been wonderful and has been helping me out a lot at home. He has also been telling me that I need to make my life easier by using tools such as Google Sheets and others which I did not know how to use. He is the one who has been shooting all my videos recently, and we have a lot more videos coming up too,” said Yasmin.

To see the entire interview with Yasmin, you can see the video below:


Covid-19 has made us realize the fragility of life. We now rejoice every small aspect of life, whether it’s a hug, a smile or a family member that we lost touch with while we were busy with our own lives. While we are safe inside our houses, there are millions who are working for us to ensure our lives are least impacted and we are comfortable in our house. The essential service workers have been away from their own families, putting their lives in danger when a global pandemic has hit us hard. And all that we have in our heart is gratitude. There is so much more that we want to do – but all that we can do is express gratitude while being at home.

In our efforts to show solidarity to those affected by Covid-19, we, at Fever Network are committed to uniting people against this fight with the global pandemic. Starting May 2, we are launching 100 Hours… 100 Stars – the BIGGEST digital fest ever! Through this fest, we are celebrating and lauding those frontline workers who risk their own lives to safeguard everyone else’s. We bring together stars from different walks of life – Covid-19 warriors, artists, politicians, digital content creators, sports personalities among others, to bring to the audience 100 hours of NON-STOP ENTERTAINMENT. The fest would be packed with performances, interviews and more of global stars right from their homes as they self-isolate during this crisis. The campaign aims to rally up funds which would be contributed towards Covid-19 relief.

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